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August 22, 2009


NOTE: Male parts not included.


(Thanks to Mahatma Kane Jeeves)


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How defective.

The seller is keeping them for him/herself

I guess that answers the " what ever happened to Bob Barker " question.

I'm speechless! Who wouldn't want a big, plastic mannequin around the house with cancerous moles on it's back, droopy boobies, and a tracheotomy? Also you never know when you will want to work on those catheterization skills. Back in the days of nursing school we learned on real people. Of course their legs and arms weren't removable. Usually.

Atric. Geri Atric. Pleased to meet you.

I thought it was a garden gnome.

Maybe this was part of the 'Cash for Clunkers' program at the nursing home . . .

cindy, maybe he's single ;-P

Nice bent wood rocker.

We learned on live beings, oranges and the occasional dead person...that said...I've really crappy neighbors and I'd love this in my backyard or sitting inside my front door.

ISIANMTU, but back in college, I worked a summer at a nursing home as an orderly (I think they now call it a "Patient Care Technician")... A veteran nurse was teaching a nursing student, "No, it's much easier to cath them when they've got a hard-on, so stroke him a few times!"

Nah Frodo, they still call it nurse.

Having seen more than my share of elderly privates...that is just gross and you should be...who am I kidding, that's gross and funny.

I'll let you have this one Siouxie. I'm waiting for the stud in the MRI movie.

I can see a lot of use out of this beauty. For one, just prop it up against the wall across from your child's door. You will never again be disturbed in the middle of the night. Of course, the kid would be disturbed for life.

shell, with the emphasis on "gross" I'm sure... I mean, this "veteran nurse" was signing off on my externship...

OK, here's one... the TV announcer just said that the Colorado Rockies have outscored the teams in the National League Western Division 98-20. "So they've got a three to one lead in runs over their opponents..."


Steve, please tell me you don't have any small children???? Although it would be more effective propped in their closet with the door slightly open. Not that I would do that.

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