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August 26, 2009


Kung fu nun pulls cars with hair

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Gwine to tug all night, gwine to tug all day!

Too bad she's not an American nun. They don't shave their heads. I've known a few nuns that could move a car back 30 feet with just a look.

Another reason why I will never be a nun.

But can she cook ?

Sorry for the following but I have to get this out of my system.
Kung Fu nun pulls cars with hair,
Do-Dah, Do-Dah
She's headlining at the county fair,
all the Do-Dah day.
Gonna pull all night!
Gonna pray all day.
I'll bet my money on the hairless nun,
I'll confess Sunday.

She's going to need a bigger ruler...

What did you expect her to do?

Yawn. Now, if she could push it with her hair...

I'd lay money that the squirrel with the mullet takes away her title, but I have inside sources who link the squirrel to this guy

I really think people can take hair straightening too far, you know?



We know the same nuns.

Those cars may have been hairbrids.

Ba dum, dum.

She was pulling it down Mane Street.

If cars had necks I know a few nuns who could pull them by the hair on the backs of them.

*Standing ovation for nurscecindy*

Did someone say "A squirrel, in a kilt with a mullett?" How about one next to "Bad Mullett Guy too!!!"

...uhhh...Thank you...thank you verry much...

; )

They've got a club for that.

Wow and I thought Sister Kathleen was butch.

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