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August 27, 2009


Austrian town to hold Mozart urination festival

(Thanks to catmanmax and Ralph)


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The Number 1 attraction in Austria!

The next event in the festival will be the quartet for #1 in pee flat.

Now that's freaking class (*belch*) !

He did it in Pinkelstein? Are you sure it wasn't in Tinkelstein? (The two locales are often confused with each other.)

That's nothing. George Washington pi$$ed here.

I'm glad that's all he did at that spot. I'd hate to see a monument for the other.

if they had a monument for every time g.washington took a leak, uh, the whole east coast would be, er, marked.....

Really fugued up.

At least GW didn't have to have accompaniment.

It's a popular stop for dogs as well.

That explains why that other German town renamed itself " Poopenplatz ".

Did Mozart also stop off in F**ing, Austria during this trip???

It ain't much of an excuse for a party. But it's the only one we got.

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