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August 09, 2009


Even more evil than you thought.

(Thanks to everyone)


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Maybe El Gato was looking for kitty p*rn.

The story left off that as the cops led him out, keyboard cat played him off

An infinite number of monkeys, in a room with an infinite number of keyboards, over an infinite period of time, will produce a best-selling novel.

One cat, one keyboard, finite period of time? Over 1000 child porn pics? Huh-uh... in my book, the guy gets the electric cable by which his testicles are hanging...

This was so stupid I thought it had already been posted to the blog. Musta been some other stupid thing.

Cat chasing a little tail?

any that mentions the "p" word is disqualified

puddy tat ?

Last Child porno guy in this area ended up in Federal Pen in Georgia.. I don't think he wanted his retirement that way, but it's what he got..and deserved..


So not only is he scum, he's stupid too.

And my dog lost $17,000 playing online poker.

Ya just can't turn your back on 'em.

Keith is gonna be even more popular after the boys in the big house knock his teeth out. Which reminds me, I did a case the other day on a guest of the local sheriff. When waking him up getting his endotracheal tube out, I said, "open your mouth". He clamped down harder. I think he had heard this before.

Stupid scum, cindy. Either that or he has an incredibly brilliant pervert cat.

Jazzzz, maybe he saw that episode of Nurse Jackie where she yanked the pervert's tube out.

Cats have a highly-developed sense of propriety. Perhaps the cat just wanted the scumbag to get arrested.

Hmmmm, MAYBE the guy had a single-key direct link, like F10, and the kitty hit it 100 times?

Hope he rots in hell, and the kitty finds a good home.

Actually, mine did delete my history as he was rolling around on the keyboard.

The cat could have framed the guy. But cats really don't care about stupid human stuff. My cat just wants to eat the cord attaching my mouse to my laptop. I'm fairly certain she wouldn't know how to search for anything other than "stringy things".

At least dogs aren't interested in such things. They just lick themselves and sack out for another couple of hours until the next feed. Always knew cats were possessed. Proof.

Hey, a guy who loves cats can't be all bad, even if his sexual preferences are despicable.

I wuz gonna comment, but Jazzzz disqualified me.

a creeep! everybody knows that it is JUST TOO MUCH WORK to press those keys. the cat did it - the most lame-o excuse. hope the police had a good laff.

Could solve the mystery of why all the stuff from Overstock.com keeps showing up at my door with my wife's name on it. (truth be told, I am the one with the internet shopping addiction, but men must NEVER, EVER admit they are not perfect)

errr, what? I was distracted by other pu cats from the side-bar article.

now we finally know why people say you shouldn't let the cat alone with the baby.

But Jazzzz - you ARE perfect! *SMOOOOOCH* :) Glad to see you, btw. :)

*SNORK* @ cg

I dunno, I can think pretty evil!

Sure the dog didn't frame the cat? They're probably not that stupid after all...

True story: I once had a cat who played chess. I set the pieces up and left them set up over night. Sometime during the night, the cat knocked over the white king, thus resigning. A legal move, but definitely not the best move.

Mine would play the piano. At 2am. Granted, it was always a naughty Irish ditty, so maybe this guy has a point....it coulda been feline frisky.

"Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect."

- Steven Wright

I've heard some of them like to play the flute.

@ Jazzzzzz

that was supposed to be < eg > @ Jazzz

My cat just plays fetch. No instruments that I know of.

I don't believe that, but I bet the cat was the one who called the police and is now finally pedaf***er free!

Diva, please don't tell Dr. Jazzzz he is perfect! It takes us nurses many, many years to train a doctor to not think that. You've undone at least 6 months worth of training. I am now a cat owner. I found a very small, starving kitten in the middle of the road about a week ago and she is now part of our house hold. Very sweet and loving. However, she already likes to walk across my computer keyboard. The only thing she would be able to pull up on mine is this blog and decorating web sites.

I've never had a cat like the keyboard but they are fond of desktop computers. They're like fuzzy dice while driving on the Internet Highway.

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