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August 27, 2009



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Just how larger are those ferrets?

"...it's better than TV."

No argument here a-tall

Ferret show - I am picturing ferrets in tutus riding elephants.

But I always picture that.

Just don't try to weasel your way in.




OK, who's in??
I've got a friend with a 1973 Bluebird schoolbus that can hold at least 40, sorry, no A/C though. We can make some brownies and get ferretious for the weekend! Who's with me??
; )

We know where Richard Gere will be.

I'll bring the beer, Brian!

Ferrets, the Paris Hilton of squirrels.

OK Siouxie...brownies and beer...we've got nutrition...we're half-way there!

Forget the Ferrets.

We want in on the Hell City Tattoo Festival

Cheesewiz the Tattoo Festival looks very nice but I think I'll pass as should Dave, Brian, and numerous other bloggers. If they went I'm very afraid they would come back with that squirrel tattooed somewhere on their bodies.

Why do I suspect Henry Waxman is probably a big ferret booster ?

okay, nobody's said it yet ...

Hoosier Daddy?!

HOOFAR (Heart of Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue) and the FBB (Ferret Buckeye Bash) wbagnfarb

What's that smell?

Dave - I don't know what you've done to piss off the weasels, but a rabid one attacked two neighborhood boys today.

Normally I would say that Rabid Weasels WBAGNFARB, but it was really scarey.

Oh, and the boys are fine - they thought it was funny being chased by the tipsy, foaming and hissing weasel. They're 8.

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