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August 30, 2009


...we totally cannot link to this.

(Thanks to Trent Whitney)


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and the attorneys and police are supposed to keep a straight face here?

It's gotta be said...what a Boob!

I wonder what her maiden name was.

Jeff, you beat me... but what a COUPLE OF.....

Don't make fun of her during this trying time. She needs all the support she can get.

I hereby offer to underwire, er, underwrite the support of these poor downtrodden Boobs.

I've known women who said they wanted to get rid of the boob they were married to, but this one was SERIOUS!

Jeff, it sounds like a couple of boobs to me.

Another case of a boob job gone bad

She's gonna end up behind bras.

It's a good thing that nobody obeys the rules around here, or Judi would get fired.

we generally don't blog things where people die. it's not actually... you know... funny.

Posted by: judi | July 15, 2009 at 01:06 PM

I guess Mrs. Boob could plead insanity and hope to be sent to the booby hatch.

Order in the courtroom. Here come da jugs.

Her lawyer wants to cop a feel plea to involuntary mammslaughter.

Paging Mr & Mrs Boob. Your table is ready.

They wewe doomed from the start.

There's more. How could she have a man shot who customized her tractor for her?


Man, getting shot in the centre hall garage has gotta hurt! I'd rather take one in the thigh.

There was probably an easier way to get her maiden name back.

There's a county near Pittsburg named "Centre?" They're taking their status as a Commonwealth way too seriously.

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