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August 27, 2009


This li'l guy is going extinct.


(Thanks to Dr. Doug)


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Oh help! I'm having a recurrence of Partially Recovered Memory Syndrome....

"The axolotl looks a little
Like an ozylotl. It'll
?Eat no vegetable morsel
Only meats'll drive its dorsal..."


Aaaaawwwww........can I get one to stick on my car antenna?

Is that Buddy?

Axolotl was the best Scrabble word I ever came up with.

He'd be good with a little tartar sauce I bet.

If I can't pronounce it, how can I protect it?


I didn't do it. You can't pin this rap on me, copper.

...paging Stephen King...

ASnd its favourite song's Forever Young.

P.S. Last time I checked, Muppets weren't endangered.

I had quiz on a triple word score, but that's not as fun to say as axolotl.

Wild extinction WBAGNFARB.

Well, he looks happy.


Taco filling.


Annie does Stephen King ever blog here? Just curious because I have a mild crush on him.

If they can reproduce, then I wouldn't be calling them juveniles.

The Official Stephen King Web Presence is just a few clicks away from this page, if the first is at DQYDJ Records.

No, verging . . .

Sorry MKJ. He's just so cute.

If that thing were in a movie and about six stories tall you'd all be screaming. Look at those creepy hands! Or whatever they are! And don't let that "smile" fool you. That's what you see right before you see its real face.

Wacky Wall Walkers are going extinct...?

I don't think Stephen King is that way Eve. I mean sure he writes scary books but otherwise I think he's a pretty normal guy. Oh wait a minute. You were talking about the axolotl. Never mind.

I love SK.......he's a Red Sox fan. :p

He's a Bosox fan 'cuz he likes evil, mayhem, and cruel endings. Bwahaha....

Oh, Annie, you're so bad! You must be a Yankees fan. :-)

The axolotl
Looks a litl
Like the ozolotl

Drink a greatl
More that whatl
Fill the fatl
Whisky botl

The food it eatsl
Be no morsl
Only meatsl
Drive its dorsl

Such an awfl
Fish to ketl
You said a mawfl

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