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August 28, 2009


Raccoon attacks.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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39 Degrees? That's an awful temperature for a lounge no matter what scale you're using.

Cougar attacks in bars are much more interesting.

The guy sounds like a whiner to me.

Sic the ferrets on him.

Raccoon memories of a geezer.

I like the way they refer to it as the "alleged" raccoon attack. As though the raccoon's lawyer would immediately file for the trial to be moved.

Being occasionally dyslexic is fun! Racoons and cougars in bras are a much better story...

Old raccoons - couccoons.

How about this raccoon? Don't let it bite.

It bit my right middle finger. See?

I broke my left middle finger once playing putt-putt. I had to wear a splint on it for a few weeks. Very embarrassing.

rocky raccoon
hung out in a bar
waiting to bite
jon belcher.

He needed prophylactic injections on his honeymoon?? I think he's got a case here on the "loss of enjoyment of life and disruption of lifestyle" claims.

"Nevertheless, [the] defendants allowed guests to feed and encourage the presence of wild animals in the lounge area..." So what other definition is there of a BAR?

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