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August 31, 2009


Polly the dog swallows 1,000 magnets

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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That's gotta be an advantage for chasin' cars.

Har!@ Wyo!

An MRI woulda kilt her!

Meanwhile our recent experience would point to a need for a pancreatic supplement, when older dogs will eat just plain anythin'.

My favorite part of the story: Ms James said Polly turned up her nose at the easily digestible food vet staff tried to feed her.

Of course she did! Why eat that stuff when you can have some nice gravel?

Mrs. Cowperson just suggested that the dog may have wanted cars to chase him.

Polly want a magnet?

I find her strangely attractive.

Stuck on you,
I've got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can't lose

Don't forget the cost of replacing the hard drive she erased while walking by it.

Gives a whole new meaning to animal magnetism, huh?

I wonder how many times they had to peel her off the refrigerator?

It's also helpful in the spring and fall when she migrates.

The blue heeler swallowed 1000 magnets, weighing a kilogram, forcing life-saving emergency surgery.

The blue heeler swallowed 1000 magnets, weighing a kilogram, forcing life-saving emergency surgery.

And not only that, the blue heeler swallowed about a thousand magnets, weighing over two pounds. She then needed emergency surgery to stay alive.

Thank goodness Polly's female or else they'd never have got the dog off the fire hydrant.

They first suspected something was wrong when she started herding the steel wool.

wow, a last post at my time of the night!

so here's my story.

we watched the cornelle wilde movie 'the naked prey' anytime it came on TV.

the little native girl who survived the attack on her village was rescued by our hero. she taught him a word that meant 'good.' ZAVOOODY

It became a catch-word in our family.

we taught our dogs that word to mean their toy. whenever we wanted them to fetch a toy all you'd have to do is say 'find your zavoody.' say that word to them and they go buck-wild.

so we started buying those tug-o-war toys made from cotton strings (we call them rope bones.) they were a smash hit. they'd chew and chew on them all day long

so one day i'm watching one of the dogs trying to take a dump. and i mean TRYING. i see that there's a big looong string she was trying to expel.

and i said to my hubby "look, stella has ZAVOOODY booty."

i know that was a big long set-up without a lot of pay-off but it cracks us up every time.

maybe this will make up for it.....

i named my dog stella because when she gets away from or escapes the yard and i hafta call for her, i can tell the neighbors that i was rehearsing for 'a streetcar named desire.'

the end

*snork* at "Stella!!!!!"

Good one, Annie!

I think the dog had bipolar disorder.

Gravel? A mouse? Some animals really shouldn't be allowed in the gene pool.

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