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August 29, 2009


(Thanks to akubbs)


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I've had some bad dates. The guy that showed up at a restaurant with NRA bumper stickers all over his car comes to mind but, never have I had one that ended up with my car being stolen. I will say I skipped out on the guy with the bumper stickers by telling him I had to go to the restroom but it was before we ordered food. I'll let Siouxie or Annie take this guy.

If they came in her car, how else was he supposed to duck out?

Aren't there women who are attracted to the "bad boys"? She'll have to be a little faster to reform this one.

Never order hagis on a first date.

I heard he's the real McCoy.

cindy, when my wife was young she went on a double date with a friend and two guys. The friend didn't like the guys so she skipped out and left my wife with both guys.

Nice friend!

She auto know better than to give her car keys to a stranger.

In Detroit, its a good date when the guy only steals your car.

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