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August 01, 2009


Court gives Santeria priest OK to sacrifice goats

(Thanks to former Herald reporter Penny McCrea)


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This is just a sneaky way to depress his assessed value for tax purposes.
Real estate agent: "You'll really like this next one. It was used for ritual goat sacrifice. Most of the blood is gone now. And you'll hardly notice the smell!"


No big whoop.

It's okay so long as the goat was ba-a-a-a-a-a-a--a-d.

City got his goat. Who says you can't butt city hall?

Is this going to be the fate of Mr. Clucky?

Key (sleazy weasel lawyer line)line: "It's a great day for religious freedom in Texas,"

Not so good for goats, however.

Why don't the cowards ever try to sacrifice something really dangerous... like a polar bear with a Bowie knife ?

Clankazoid that's not dangerous enough. I think they should look at each other for this ritual. I once was asked if it was true that Catholics did animal sacrifices at Mass. I told them no but occasionally we liked to roast a Baptist and would he like to come to Mass with me next Sunday? He declined the invitation. Dope.

Are ewe kid-ding me? Ewe don't want to miss the service. In fact, it would be-hoove ewe to cabrit-over.

Perhaps Euless is the the town's name because he killed all the sheep . . .

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