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August 28, 2009


A live bear! Almost! Watch for it at 0:22.

Key Journalistic Observation: "This is what the bear probably looked like. Except real."

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)

Vaguely Related: Bear climbs ladder.

(Thanks to forlorn frog and Claire Martin)


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The second bear then headed straight for the woods to take a . . . what bears do in the woods.

This reporter has officially given up. I can't believe he's still wearing a suit on camera anymore.

i lost it when the bear-reenactor showed us what a bear galumphing through the woods and climbing a tree would look like... do they hold auditions?

"your galumphing is too fast, dear, i'm just not feeling the ursine terror. try to be more lumbering."

"now, look at tim, see ? you really think he's a several hundred pound omnivore covered with hair."

"psst, he is. omg, what is he doing now? we can't show that on fox news!"

"stupid method actors."

...Tina, who still can't believe how close she came-- to finishing this news report.

I liked how the bear climbed the tree.

But aren't they supposed to say "African-American bear" these days?

(Yes, the Chicago Bears play Cleveland this season [Sept 3 and Nov 1], but the games won't be on Fox. At least not in Cleveland.)

Timothy Treadwell's ghost is not amused.

And couldn't they get better animation of bears running through the woods?

So....did it sh!t in the woods?

Yes it did scat in the woods. Weren't y'all listening?

"This is probably what the bear looked like - only real."

Now that's great reporting!

Who says that news and entertainment are the same?

Sh-ursine of the Apocolypse.

I've been close to bears in the woods a number of times. That is not what they looked like.

oneblankspace --
If you want to keep a bear away, set up a goal line. They will never get closer than 20 years.

My son tried to repeat the starting quarterbacks for the Bears during his lifetime. It's not his fault that he couldn't remember all 17 through his 16 years of life.

There is no reason the squirrelizer squirrel shouldn't have been a part of that journalistic gem.

I should have read ahead.

I wonder if they have cut outs of other things so they can reenact things on the news. Raccoons, muggers, robbers, pit bulls, squirrels, news awards. The possibilities are endless.

Don't make fun. Them cardboard bears, yeah, they're skinny, but they're mean. And FAST.

They can run a hundred yards in 8 seconds flat.

And I do mean "flat."

I think skateboard bear may have a higher IQ than the news crew. They do have a promising career in comedy.

I encountered a bear a couple of weeks while out hiking. That weren't no 400 pounds o' cardboard.

One of my friends posted this on Facebook. I have no hope for humanity now, but I laughed really hard.

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