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July 24, 2009



(Thanks to James)


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Only tighty-whities? I'll wait for the thong model.

Can boxers wear these?

Meanie: Can boxers wear these?

Yes, but only briefly.

Thank god! Finally something that distracts enemies! I've been covering myself with coyote urine and wearing black garbage bags but this looks much better.

pad stole my comment!

Can boxers wear these?


that is a scream. great homage to the late mr mays. but why did they have to mention old people, retirees and seniors soooo many times,huh? least they didnt say geezers.

I can't wait for Handeroos.

Fruit of the Phalanges?...

Anyone listen to the ringtones?

You hear about the man with five penises?

His pants fit like a glove . . .

You commenters make my day.
*wanders off laughing*

bonmot: nice Hollywood Knights quote.

I loved "Hundreds of Uses" especially when one of their examples was shaking hands with another guy with Handerpants™ on his hand!

Not only will it distract your enemies but will probably distract your friends too. Do they come in pink?

Cindy, only if you put them in the wash with red socks. I know from experience.

My enemies do, cindy.

Y bother. What do skidmarks on the palms mean?

When someone says they want to get into your pants, though, it just isn't as exciting.

Looks like a glove that's been subject to a wedgie.

Why do they have a fly? Does the women's version come with a liner?

So today on Dave's blog, I learned about the circumstances Nelson Rockefeller's death and the meaning of Jazz Hands.

Bosco, I don't know which definition you were going for, but, (IFYKWIM, AITYD): HERE"S "JazzHands",

We lost a great one in the great Ray Charles in the past few years...

When I saw "great for Jazz Hands" I was sold.

btw, didn't the "Handerpants" open for "The Cars" in '79?...

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