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July 27, 2009


This is one of those heart-stopping, pulse-pounding stories you are glad is resolved before you first hear about it.

(Thanks to insomniac for the original link)


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I have actually been to the Puck Fair, twice. Killorglin is about as Irish as you can get. My mother almost won the raffle for the pig.

Lord, what fools these mortals be! *eyeroll*

What the Puck?!

Right wing bastids! Another birth certificate conspiracy?? Say it ain't so!!

Makes more sense to elect a goat every four years.

It's the Miss USA pageant all over again.

I thought Bono was king of Ireland.

I know the words are English, but I couldn't really follow what was happening in the story. I think it takes a team of 13 wicketkeeper, bowlers, and bludgers to trap a goat.

“So in all there’s no acting the goat on this issue,” quipped Ms Gildernew. The goat, which was caught by Séamus Blaney and 12 men, may be the offspring of a goat trapped in the McGillycuddy Reeks for the Oul Lamas Fair in 1979. Release it – just for the craic.


Get my goat. He may be royalty.

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