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July 23, 2009


More than a third of Australia's total supply of stones for the winter sport of curling have been stolen from a refrigerated lorry in Melbourne.

(Thanks to Barbara A and Jeff, "A Canuck in Moscow")


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Oops - when I read "Australian curlers" I naturally thought hair.

I mean, isn't curling a Canadian "sport" (so to speak)?

Australians refrigerate their stones?

How do they make any little Australians?

Police say the thieves probably thought they were taking a lorry full of alcohol from a secure car park at an ice rink.

Ah, that explains it.

Refrigerated Lorry WBAGNFARB, by the way.

Can a reader shed light on why the stones are refrigerated?

If you're about to play this sport game activity thing, a colder stone would have less friction. I wouldn't think you'd have to KEEP your stones refrigerated, which seems like a frightening thing for a man to contemplate...

Those thieves have some stones.

Curling stones are refrigerated to prevent them melting the ice.

Canadians have their own rocks
Who Knew?

How and why would you prop up a coffee table with one of these?

Now all their hopes of a good season have been swept away.

The thieves were obviously looking to get stoned.

WAITAMINIT!! Canadians in Moscow? who nu?

Oh man, I would LOVE to be there just to see the look on the face of the guy who runs the pawn shop.

The team should have used these guys instead.

I'm not surprised they keep these stones refrigerated. I firmly believe that Keith Richards was actually frozen sometime in the 80's.

*SNORKS* at Punkin!!! My first thought, exactly! Definite shrinkage probably going on there, but then again, these stones are designed to be slud slid slung a great distance down an ice rink...

nursecindy, unfortunately for Keith, and the rest of us, the seal on the freezer decayed...

As someone who actually curls, well, the reason you keep the rocks refrigerated is because, well, when you put 40 pounds of warm granite on a sheet of ice, the sheet of ice don't last too long.

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