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July 28, 2009


And it's not worth getting fired for, so we are not going to blog it.

(Thanks anyway to CJrun)


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I just thought it would be perfect for Lawn Trout.

I was wondering, just then, when now was gonna happen.

I just wondered...is this happening or is it the hash?

What would Roy G Biv have to say?

I thought I was dumb in math. Or is it science? Could be physics. Whatever the heck explains light refraction. But even I knew why this happened.

Grandma got into the krippy brownies.

I bet she voted for Palin, too.


You're bringing back some good old non-memories.
; )

far out, man.

oh boy. teh stupids is eveywhare.

Now Punkin Poo, I was going to take the bait, but decided to go out in the yard and see if the water or oxygen here works as well as there. Turns out the rainbows here near DC have more brown.

I'm surprised she learned how to get that onto the innertubes.

Oozing out of our ground are worms. It's another sign of global worming. There's a longer explanation, but I hear sirens, so you'd better hide before the white coats arrive.

I hope this woman is not a teacher.

Nowadays, it's more like, "is this happening, or is it the Viagra?"

She better be careful when she waters her vegetable trees. And stuff.

If you experience rainbows for more than four hours, call your leprechaun.

This isn't this intellectual giant at the Santa Cruz, CA city council meeting, is it?

Phooey. While I was hunting up the link, Siouxie beat me to the joke...

"We can grow silk worms".



Must be Humboldt - you can get a contact high on hot days.

*wonders if she has all her teeth, cuz she surely doesn't have all her marbles*

Evil poisonous rainbows. Next thing you know, they'll be saying humans are descended from apes!

Did you read the tag at the end? "Never ending thrist"

I'm not sure what's oozing from the ground but what's oozing out of her ears is her brain.

Just wait till she hears about the pot 'o gold!

What a LOON!

Au contraire, dear. "This" was "happening 20 years ago" -- when you were in school. "This" was a failure to educate.

Generation Dumbass strikes again.

I was concerned that with all those rainbows in her sprinklers that she had gay water. "Those people" are taking over all the utilities!

Somone this foolish is bound to end up in prism someday.

You have oxygen supplies over there? Back here in the Old World we have to get ours from the air like barbarians.

Sharkies 1st post: NTTAWWT.

What in the universe is this rainbow effect and why the heck aren't my cucumber trees doing as well as last year? We're killing our nation and need to ask the people in charge!

(Going to nap under a rock now. Let me know what you find out.)

Unless it's common sense...in that case, I really don't want to know.

Oh, God! Thanks for the belly laugh. I am almost certain that the woman is being ironic. She sounded just like Will Ferrell when he improvises on a talk show.

I warned you all! I said "Someday, we'll find it: the rainbow connection" - but you all just laughed!

- Kermit

What ever it is I am sure it's Bush's faulty!

This is yet further evidence of the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide pollution!

Seriously, look it up!

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