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July 27, 2009


Typing while you drive is not safe.

(We can only think: "Tell me not Friar that thou hear'st of this unless thou tell me how I can prevent it!" but that is because we are a dork.)

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Next thing they'll say is that smoking a cigarette, eating a Big Mac and driving with the left knee is not safe.

They are taking all the fun out of driving.

What are the stats for people who build scale replicas of Star Wars X-Wing fighters while driving?

This study doesn't seem very complete....

Tom Dingus, director of the Virginia Tech institute, one of the world’s largest vehicle safety research organizations, said the study’s message was clear.

$6 million and a Dingus opinion buys a lot of "obvious" these days...

Having a big, black oval thing in front of your face while driving seems pretty dangerous to me too.

"But legislators in other states have rejected such rules, and some elected officials say they need more data to determine whether to ban the activity."

"some elected officials" = morons

That is really a scary thought. How many people will read that and think it applies to every *other* driver who texts and is not as good at it as they are?

All of them, Margaritaville.

judi, thou hast a more delicate sensibility than I. I could only think: "Also, bears poop in the woods."

Any news yet on the long-term research into whether or not water is wet? Or are they still peer-reviewing that one?

Apparently, on Thursday next, Judi will be married to this county.

Tell the truth; how many of you are reading this while driving?

*tosses kudos to judi for raising the blog's intellectual level by quoting Romeo*

"some elected officials" = morons

Posted by: Braniff | July 27, 2009 at 05:15 PM

Amen, Braniff.

Tell the truth; how many of you are reading this while driving?


A lot of y'all are making fun of this study for being obvious, but I have been on many BBs and been in many discussions where people swear up and down that, despite previous studies that state the contrary, talking on the phone or texting while driving is no more dangerous than talking to another person in the car. THEY have no problem paying attention to their car and the road and the other vehicles. Meanwhile, the guy in the Suburban Assault Vehicle in front of me weaves back and forth over the lane at 10mph because he's texting. The more solid studies like this, the better. Some people just will not be convinced, but if the lawmakers can be convinced, then at least that will be something.

The idiots who drive while they text,
no doubt are all undersexed.
They twiddle their thumbs,
'stead of flapping their gums,
and type themselves into big wrecks.

Perfect example: This jackass in the lane next to me swerved towards my lane and interrupted me reading the news piece making me honk my horn, and as I started this text message he just flipped me off before squealing away from the light. I'm going to catch up to him after I merge onto I-95 so I can snap a picture of him.

Suburban Assault Vehicle... good one, Funnygrrl..

Why do they need 4 wheel drive?? So they can get a good parking spot at the Walmart...


I find that my typing gets really slow and tends to be full of embarassing mistakes when I'm driving. I recommend that people not do it.

Your tax dollars hard at work once again. The study is scheduled to come out in the journal Duh in the Fall issue.

Suburban Assault Vehicle reminds me that I laugh every time I see one of these CPAs driving his L@nd Rover up the mountainous terrain of Brooklyn.


Someone got $ 300,000 to study this ? Goodbye, cruel world.
( flush )

i just read that rich people have more money than poor people. amazing what they study these days.
allow me to add my DUH! to throng.

Maybe we could just get everyone's cell number posted on the back of their car so that when we see them doing something stupid, we can send them a text alerting them to their poor behavior. Ha

Tennessee recently made texting while driving a ticketable offense with a fine, if convicted, of $50. Problem is enforcement. Anyone stopped simply claims they were only entering a phone number. No proof otherwise? No ticket. Last I heard three real tickets had been issued in a month.

What if I just have my old Corona on my lap & type on it?

I tried to drive while typing and left tire tracks all over the office.

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