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July 30, 2009


A truck driver had a lucky escape when his cucumber-laden rig rolled near a crocodile-infested river after hitting a buffalo yesterday.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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We urge motorists to drive to the conditions

What's considered a "safe speed" for buffalo and crocodiles all over the road?


*SNORK* @Scaredey

Jumping Crocodiles tour site? Yikes!

Madonna is going to be pissed that her "produce" delivery will be delayed.

"Jumping Crocodiles!" is my new favorite exclamation.


A 22-tonne heavy rigid cucumber truck? Siouxie, it's your lucky day!

"Jumping crocodiles!"

"Austria you!"


Sounds like a real pickle.

Maybe itdill gator to bison insurance!

All things considered, I'm starting to suspect something is seriously wrong with that country.

Siouxie....see what your daughter has to look forward to???
A word of advice from one who knows...
Tell her to avoid The Palmetto if ever possible.

Well, you should not be hitting the buff while driving your rigid cucumber rig at night.

That's just wrong.

When God created Australia, she musta been hung over.

"That island is freaky. Let's keep it the hell away from the rest of the world."

Another Buffalo collision.

"Cuke-a-burra sittin' in the old gum tree-ee . . ."

And just what the hell is a 'tonne'?

This makes that squirrel I ran over look sort of insignificant.

Did you read about the other accident? Some poor sap Schwinned a wallaby.

And just what the hell is a 'tonne'?

Posted by: cowhand214

About 2000 lbs I'd say.


All things considered, I'm starting to suspect something is seriously wrong with that country.

Oh, as compared to what? If you replace "cucumber-laden" with "orange-laden" and "crocodile-infested" with "alligator-infested" and "buffalo" with "cow", wouldn't you have Florida?

Well that was a bit of a pickle he was in.

"And just what the hell is a 'tonne'?"

"About 2000 lbs I'd say."

Actually, it's:
"A tonne (t) or metric ton (U.S.),[1] also referred to as a metric tonne, is a measurement of mass equal to 1,000 kg or 2,204.62262 lb, or approximately the mass of one cubic metre of water."

Whoops, Bonmot, I read all the posts but I didn't see yours! My bad.

Bon, that horrible triple pun sentence must have hurt to execute. Hope you are feeling OK after.

Brian - *I* avoid the Palmetto like the plague and 836.

Thanks Shark.

Yeah, it was tough. I think I need to vacation and just head out on the No-pun Road.

Buffalo and crocs...why did it have to be buffalo and crocs????

Buffalo and alligator sandwich with cucumbers, very fresh.

"Hey, You got buffalo in my cucumber! Delicious!"

"You got cucumber in my buffalo! Ew, pervert!"

*snorks* @ bonmot & Marvin!

"We urge motorists to drive to the conditions, especially at night time when there is low lighting, which in turn, reduces the time to stop."

Australia has a dimmer switch?

My favorite part was the name of the city. It just seemed apt that they would have been on the way to Darwin.

Being dumped in a water buffalo watering hole filled with crocs must have seemed like a Darwin moment to the driver.

Aren't Buffalo crocodile wings supposed to be served with celery instead of cucumber?

I got nothing. Y'all covered it all.

Boy, the traffic report from Darwin doesn't change much from one day to the next, eh?

judi must be waaaaaay hungover from last night.


Everybody's got a water buffalo, your's is fast but mine is slow...

come one everyone, sing it!

*SMACKS* Brian. Shhhhhh! Judi works very hard and deserves some sleep. I doubt she's sleeping. She's probably working very hard and cannot get to the blog at this time. Just rest Judi. We can wait. And if you could post one of my 'send ins' I would appreciate it.

wow this totally reminds me of something that happened to me last week, except I was in Indiana and not Australia. And instead of rolling a truck I shotgunned a jagerbomb on the rocks (with a twist of lemon). And the crocodiles were really just skanks. And I hit up the bathroom and not a buffalo. Cucumbers were still involved. I'm lucky to be alive.

Now, Larry, why didn't *I* think of that?!

Rise and shine people of the blog! What up???


it's eerily quiet around here

*waves @ Siouxie*

Just having my cup of coffee now! I'm out near the alligator infested Everglades, plan to be very alert should they decide to take to the roadways with their water buffalo friends. Next stop, IKEA!

Crocodile: "Okay water buffalo, you know how it goes. I am going to eat you now."

Buffalo: "No, no. If you let me go I'll fix it so that you get meat and a salad!"

I'm sorry nscindy, its just that, as a government employee I have lots of time I need to start wasting (I wish) and without blog entertainment I might actually have to start a conversation with my talented and energetic co-workers.

I guess I'll just sit here quietly and make macaroni pictures for a while.

I bet that Pitts guy has judi's door locked and won't let her in. He's a real troublemaker.

Or maybe it's Brad Pitt and he won't let her out.

If he's (was) wearing a kilt, trust me, SHE'S the one with the key.

If he's wearing a kilt and Judi has the key we may get pictures later!

Now wouldn't that be nice?!`

I've never eaten crocodile. I've had alligator. That's just a chicken that lead a very hard life.
But cucumbers? They're just nasty.


Aren't Buffalo crocodile wings supposed to be served with celery instead of cucumber?
They do things differently in Oz, donchya know... like putting beets on hamburgers.

Buffalo vs. Crocodile, the new challenge on MONSTER SMACKDOWN (Refereed by Mr. Cucumber)

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