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July 23, 2009


Police: Fla. woman practiced dentistry in garage

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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This is no real surprise: people are stupid.

We've had stories about a guy dying after home liposuction and the other day I sent in a story about a woman who did plastic surgery on herself at home.

Calling the Darwin people!

My Dad did this with us kids all the time. loose tooth no problem, piece of string and car door!

Yo quiero nitrous...

no, sorry, we're all out of novacaine. just let me seal up the doors and start up the car, you won't feel a thing.

as a frequent vict.. er patient of dentistry, i can safely say.......WTF? licensed dentists only, pleeeeze.

Siouxie! I think Jeff is being a little whiny again! I'm a nurse and I don't do medical procedures on myself. Except for the time I broke my ankle and decided to go to Walmart and get a brace instead of going to the ER. It didn't end very well. I ended up in the ER anyway and the doctor, who I worked with, wanted to know how much I had to drink because according to him, " Only a drunk breaks their ankle and then goes to Walmart." I wasn't drunk just being thrifty.

"Sir, when was then last time you had your teeth rotated?"

...and the p0rn version:
"Sir, I'm going to need to check your dipstick..."

*snork* @ crossgirl!

Wasn't me. But that's very common here in Miami.

Ahhh We believe you Cindy.....Yep thats what happened...

Oh yeah...

*SMACKS* Jeff!

You will need to be more specific than telling her you need some work done on your grill.

"Doc, how can I make my teeth whiter?"


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