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July 26, 2009


Nearly 11,000 acres of federal land closed while outhouse explosion probed

(Thanks to Fiskr)


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Sorry, but it was a really baaad burrito.

Next time fivver you may want to call ahead and warn them. And stay away from the burrito's.

I knew those terrorist bastards had dirty bombs!

The little house all over the prairie.

Outhouse Explosion used to be Killer Chipmunks, I think.


All clear, mud....

How exactly do you "close" 11,000 acres? Lock the door?

Dinty Moore stew, trail mix and smores. Case closed.

Yogi Bear, freeze-dried scrambled eggs, too much water.

Poor ole' Mudstuffin gets blamed for everything.

Experimenting with a new energy source sometimes does not pan out.

Hold my beer and watch this.

Was there a fan involved?

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