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July 28, 2009



(Thanks to crossgirl and insomniac)


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These do NOT look like Starcatchers to me.

still checking the obits for wendy.

I think the last picture that shows the couple cutting the wedding cake explains a lot.

Matzel tov, kids.

(on the honeymoon):
Tink: "Honey, can't we take a break?"
Peter: "Straight on till morning!"

So, now they'll get to be parents of kids who will never grow up.

Serves 'em right.

You mean he married...that is, I mean...but isn't he...look, something shiny!

And the bride looks like Anjelica Huston gone to seed.

I hope they'll be happy, I guess.



So that's where Dave really went!

I think it's a trannie Clarence (from It's a Wonderful Life).

They say there is someone for everyone. Their parents must be so relieved, I mean proud.

So how come a bozo like that can get married but a fabulous woman such as myself is still single?!? Oh right, I'm not right in the head...(sigh)

Where's the crocodile?

I really hope that for a wedding present, somebody got them a life.

Dumbass Men in Tights. Wait til she gets a load of the mess a crew of drunk Lost Boys makes on game day.

SNORKS all around. All I can think of is Luke and Lorelai trying not to laugh at the Renaissance wedding on "Gilmore Girls."

"Think of something not funny."
"Avalanches, earthquakes."
"Not doin' it."
"Famine -- and I'm out."

well, isnt that the guy who sings about the free credit reports.com?

Someone sure lost their marbles.

Dancing down the aisle = BRILLIANT!

Walking down the aisle dressed as Tinkerbell = not so much.

Tinker Bell = the machinist on McHale's Navy. Peter Pan = bed pan.

If Peter Pan can't grow up does he use Viagra on the wedding night?

Bruno's getting married?

*reconsiders wearing costume to Peter & the Sword of Mercy booksigning*

<3 you Dave Barry! Thanks for the linkage.

Tink, I was wondering if you'd show up on this thread!

If Universal Healthcare tries to cover this guy's therapy, we'll all go broke.

I wasn't sure where they registered so I got them HIS & HERS prozac decanters.

I highly advise you NOT to click on the link to his homepage nor on the links to the 'outfits' he makes himself.

Why am I reminded of Tiny Tim tiptoe-ing through the tulips? Is there a betting line on this marriage?

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