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July 24, 2009


Drug testing proposed for state legislators

(Thanks to CJrun)


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the ones who arent on drugs -- should be. the ones who are, should take more.
but an IQ test woule make the most sense.
This is new york state. i rest my case.

Since most of my state, New Jersey, got indicted yesterday, I think IQ tests would be a great idea. Or a written exam:

1. A developer comes to you and offers you money to push through his project. Do you:
a. report him to the FBI
b. tell him to meet you behind the diner with the cash in a paper bag.

We need something like this for Congress. Only inverted, like. They have to be drugged into a coma- like state immediately after taking oath. And kept that way til their term is up. Call it the Vegislature.

Listen to queensbee. What's been going on in Albany for the last two months would be better on drugs.

Dave, either way (drug testing or minimum IQ), looks like this guy got out just in time.

Why should we pay for drug testing for legislators? Let 'em test their own drugs. Buyer beware and all. Geez, if they can't tell from a little taste... what?

I just want the drugs they're all taking.

Blue pill anyone???

dont get me started on tancredo.
we have a lovely man here in ny - joe bruno - was the republican majority leader till he 'retired' last yr. indictments pending. but he's not the worst of them.
right now, noo joisey is the winner. one of the 'clever wags' at the new york post referred to the 44 people who were arrested yesterday as 'the kosher nostra'. but dont get me started on the new york post, either.
IQ tests a must for all elected officials. and some of the pundits, too.
let's start with Limboob and Dobbs. but dont get me started.

See, this could have beneficial results. Clearly, the average politician NEEDS performance enhancing drugs. So, test the effective politicians(I know, oxymoron), and require that all the rest use whatever they're using.

The problem with minimal IQ tests is that if we removed all of the idiots from our legislature, it would no longer be a representative democracy.

Our New Hampshire legislators are paid $100 per year, plus expenses. We get what we pay for.
Drug testing would mostly reveal geriatric conditions.

Queenie, I've got the "best" of both worlds. I work for NY state (motto: I♥$), and I live in NJ (motto: Now with less ethics!). There is no explanation for either situation except strong alcohol and high-dosage drugs.

"Duuuuuuude. Doctor Feelgood hooked me up with a key of 'ponic. I got so baked I voted for cap and trade!"

*snork at NJ (motto: Now with less ethics!)*

Here in the Carolina's I'm not sure if they need drug testing but they do need to keep their britches zipped up. John Edwards and Mark Sanford anyone? Sanford also needs to learn how to zip up his lip. Every since the news of his affair came out he's been singing like a canary. Even the media has remarked that they wish he would shut up.

Illinois thanks you, New Jersey.

Horace, we do our best. Oh, for the days when we only had to deal with a closeted gay Governor.

what agency you work for Meanie???
I work for the Department of State -- the STATE department of state. you'd be amazed how many people write to us asking for diplomatic clearances, etc. most of the dept processes various paper. my division administers federal antipoverty $$. and now, with ARRA.
(now with less ethics, bwaaahaaaaaa)

So if Meanie and Queensbee work for the government we should quit making government jokes? btw, Queensbee you should have bought yourself a very expensive, something shiny, for your birthday. I'm usually really good to myself that way at Christmas and on my birthdays. I give everybody else a card.

queensbee, you should make up some official-looking diplomatic clearances and sell them for big $$. the State could use all the cash it can get.

actually, i did go to the mall on my birthday and bought some shiny things. not real expensive ones, but, shiny!!
my job is federally funded, so making money is silly..... but my desk fone is only 1 digit away from the line for Chili's restaurant. lotsa wrong numbers. maybe next time i'll take their order....

a couple of our 'public servants' here in awbenny were arrested - they havent been fired yet - for running a drug den out of their break room. they 'worked' at the empire state plaza- the main govt bldgs in awbenny - in the basement garage. one was a janitor, the other, his supervisor. they sold drugs and other recreation in this break room with a tv, bar, etc. it was big news around here, but just run of the mill corruption. the new jersey guys got it goin on.
of course, i'm only on this blog during the day on my breaks...... hhhhm.

I thought we already did elect people with minimum IQs.

I do get tired of politicians sanctimoniously opposing drug use when all the visible evidence is that they are smokin' some really good s%(^. Not all, but the ones I've known are high on something other than Jesus.

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