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July 27, 2009


....with dorks.07272009095.jpg


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Run! Bear!

♫ Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Dork?

..glad to know you made it there safely.

um, speaking of safety - is that a bear peeking through those trees?

Hey look, it's a lonely goatherd!

sorry L. i swear your comment wasn't there (or at least showing up) when i posted.

That is sooo NOT a blue shirt !

Nice. Now twirl, Dave.

First of all, *TOTAL SNORKS*!!! (meaning, I've got to replace the laptop...) at Renee!!!

/OT Second, to the blogettes here, trying to make peace with my best bud, who is a women, I just sent her a bouquet of "purple lisianthus and feathery limonium"... (oh, but it did have a cute little teddy bear hugging the vase)... As a guy, I have NO IDEA what that means... did I do a good thing or a bad thing? /OT

To those of us in North America, that would be "woman"...

lonely goatherd... still SNORKING!!! at Renee...

Is that a booger on your shirt, Dave?

Will Dave be wearing blue curtains soon?

*snork* @ the dork

Wow, Dave is really relaxing on vacation by wearing a nearly orange shirt! Blue is strictly business.

It can't be long...

Sumbuddy's going to twist "16 going on 17" or "These are a few of my favorite things" into lyrics that nobody here really wants to see...

Julie Andrews sure has changed.

To make the hills come even more alive.

*An MtB fave, if not THE fave*

mr olives: we cannot answer so send US some too and we will let you know ;)

When Dave goes to Idaho, he sees the pretty part.

When I go to Idaho, all I see is potato fields, and stop at an occasional Sonic. Well, Yellowstone, but been there done that...

One day, I'll take a left on the highway to Boise..


Aw, thanks, frodolives! Sorry about your laptop, though.

And passing the *SNORKS* along to Meanie for the blue curtains!

sweet judi, give me an address to send them to, and they are on their (not they're) way!!! Thanks! (teddy bear and all!!)

And Renee, (still *Snorking*), I will also send you a bouquet (Jeez, that's like the third time in two days I've typed "bouquet" on this blog... WriterDude and WyoCowboy are going beat the SNOT out of me!!!) of purple, feathered linoleum, or you know, whatever...

Watch out for the biting dog and the stinging bee.

The Angels are impressed Dave.

This is what first came to mind, actually.

The Hills also have eyes.

So, Idaho has annexed Austria?

Look out, France!

Frodo, you silver-tongued devil, you. I've always wanted purple feathered linoleum. It'll look so nice on my kitchen floor. Thanks a bunch! :-)

And SNORK at Marvin.


Dave, your fly is open
hah! made you look.

What's Larry Craig doing behind that tree?

I try to make it a habit not to *snork* twice in the same thread to the same blogette, but DERN YOU Renee!!! ROFL!! (p.s., Thanks buddy, needed a friend tonight!!)

♫ I am sixteen, going on seventeen,
With purple, feathered linoleum...

Nope, I got nuthin'...

(and nooooo, I did not EVEN think when I said "habit" earlier) judi has fired me...)

She's sure justified now, frodo, thanks to some excessive parenthetical use.

major SNORK @ marvin's image edit

marv, was snorking too hard, want to throw that parantheses paranthesis thing up to my last post for me...?

I read that as "linoleum" too.

Frodo, my friend, you're a tonic to my self-esteem. (I didn't even think I was being all that funny! :-) ) Glad to bring a few snorks your way!

those have got to be the biggest dandelion puffs in the world. quick dave, make a couple hundred wishes.

The Hills Are Asleep.

Hunh. Dave Barry spotted in the Rocky Mountains. A clear case of Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

I know, sick, right? Don't you wish you had free healthcare? Or discount band-aids, at least...

Eidel-dork, Eidel-dork
You look happy to see me (iykwim)

Dork or not, that is BEAUTIFUL. I want to go there!

While Dave recovers from poison ivy...

Caption Contest:

"Dammit. Didn't we park in the Daffy section?"

snorks all around, and dave, just make sure any unabombers or suchlike mountain dwellers see you standing on that hill....

Maybe Dave is summoning his muse since he is in Idaho to write a book. I'll bet his arms are getting tired though. I do a little writing myself. I'm definitely going to try this.

OK, Annie:

"Why must we always forget the toilet paper??"

nursecindy, speaking from experience, it's very hard to type whilst holding your arms akimbo.

*snork @ Meanie!*

"Little birdie in the sky,
What you do in my eye?
Me no care, me no cry,
Me only glad that cows don't fly."

So true Annie. Another good caption: Why did I let Ridley talk me into hiking again?

"Did you see it? That man/bear/pig was this big."

If you bomb a French kitchen, you end up with linoleum blown apart.

*loads shotgun*

And Noah replied, "But, God, there are no trees here. Obviously."

"'Let's bring the GPS', I said. 'Nah, let's enjoy the natural beauty and leave the tech stuff at home', she says."

"The satellite dish should go right here."

"I love my bloggers...this much!!"

Morning, peeps!!!

Aaaw, shucks, Sioux. Morning!

Dave is a slightly older dude, going on seventeen,
fart jokes and poop galore
Beer posts are sweet
made from barley and wheat
and willingly he receives!
He needs bloggers drunker not wiser
Telling him what to do
He is older going on seventeen
Time for a post with poo!

*applauds Margaritaville*


Well, off to fatten up my paycheck. Have fun, y'all!

"All right, Mr. Barry, please touch you nose with your right index finger. Next, please walk a straight line, putting one foot directly in front of the other."


Idaho? That rock in the background looks familiar.

LOL, Ralph. I thought of that, too.

Hey Dave -- there's a bug on your shirt.

the truth is out where?

"A flibberty gibbet, a willo-the-wisp, a clown? Nah, just a dork Dave."

Maybe Dave is summoning his muse

Out there, it might be his moose.

Sign of the Apocalypse #2170:

Siouxie did NOT post #69 !

Our world as we know it is forever changed.

*hangs head, and prays fervently*

Here's Dave being gay and carefree and ya'll are making fun of him. Shame, shame.

Heh! Tel!

Sorry..I've been quite busy playing Mafia Wars on FB working.

Isn't appearing in a non-blue shirt a violation of Blog protocol?

We might need to stage an intervention, Siouxie - I'm VERY worried - you have not mentioned vino in several days - are you eating properly ?
Have you been outside ? Can you stand and stretch ?

Most importantly: Do you even KNOW where your sunglasses are ???

LTTG, but I like Renee's line so much, I'm anagramming it. Okay, I anagram everything, even if I hate it, but still ...

A lonely goatherd =
Learneth good lay
The all-day gooner
The granola yodel

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