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July 31, 2009


(Thanks to Chuck Cody and Just Ducky)


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it will go over well in college dorms.....

otherwise, eww.

The other astronauts never said anything, because they were holding their breath.

Well, that explains the weird exhaust upon re-entry.

...of the ship to the atmosphere, I mean.

I'm so thankful I am not the scientist who gets to check these out when he returns.

Let's see, combine underwear worn a month without washing, a high-radiation location and what do we get?
I'm not sure but I think it clogged the space toilet looking for victims.

This feat should ' skid ' to a listing in Guiness Book and get high ' marks ' elsewhere as well.

He was a passenger for reentry into the atmosphere and landing aboard a space shuttle? I don't care what kind of underwear it was, we're talking major, world class skid marks.

I'd hate to be the poor research scientist that gets stuck with this little gem of a project.

oops...cindy..did not see your post ;-)

I think this guy has been "off the planet" a lot longer than 4-1/2 months...

"OK, we've safely landed. Everyone can take your spacesuits off. Except for you, Wataka-San. Not no, but Hell No."

The astronauts released some mini satellites,...

And the Japanese astronaut released some mini satellites of his own.

They should have sent a 12 year old boy who would have gladly done it for the full four months.

"It's time to start research on Wataka's briefs. Go get the interns!"

*SNORK* and a *WAVE!!!* @ Hammie!!!

And the silver coating keeps vampires away from your package.

The Japanese are very inventive with underwear. Remember this? :
"Among the items at a 1987 Japanese inventors' fair was "six-day underwear" -- a garment with three leg holes and instructions for the user to rotate it 120 degrees each day for three days and then turn it inside out for another three days."
(from http://www.nehrt.com/FunnyText/wierdnw2.txt and elsewhere)

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