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July 29, 2009


George Cochrane said his school-aged son and daughter, who study by distance education from their farm in Grenfell, were horrified by the sites they could access.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Huh. I wonder what time they came by here?

I think his daughter typed in more than 'swallows'. I googled it myself and all the articles I got were about birds and I don't have any filters on my computer. Judi's right. They won't need any acting lessons.

For how many months were they horrified before their dad found out?

I got the birds too, which is a shame because I am sure that a documentary about the horrors of swallowing toothpaste would be perfectly fascinating.

Yes, and searching "little women" gets you some novel by somebody named Alcott. Ho hum.

Right on, Annie. ;-)

What? You mean there's no country named Karma Sutra?

¡ɹǝʇlıɟ ǝɯos s,ʇɐɥʇ

Filter? I hardly knewt her.

I have to agree with cindy.

"My daughter typed in 'swallow', as in the bird, and it blocked access to a documentary on swallowing toothpaste but gave you access to a male site talking about inappropriate material," Mr Cochrane said.

Yeah, she was looking for the bird, right.

What about tits and peckers ?

In all fairness, the filter did block the local member.

*SMACKS* Clankazoid. This is a family blog! btw, I did google both of those and did not get birds.

Yeah, the kids will google all sorts of stuff. You may or may not get what you're looking for. I was more concerned about the very British name "Verity Firth". Whew. I love the British! They have great names.

"Acting Opposition education spokesman Andrew Stoner yesterday labelled the filter flaws a "debacle".

he added: "Duuuude".

Since when have Ozzies been opposed to swallowing?

And when they searched for "bears" they got a story about Dave Barry, Gene Wiengarten and a magazine.

I'm feeling very honored and doing all kinds of the happy dance today. Gene Weingarten accepted me as a friend on Facebook.


This story doesn't help because it doesn't name the wonderful faulty internet filter that I want to get

Allen I think you find enough on the internet without adding this.

"I'm serious Dad, it says right there, Lake Titicaca is a real place!!!!"

I'm shocked Sharkie! Lake Titicaca IS a real place.

sounds like they were getting an education.

Best line from the play "Avenue Q": "So grab your d!ck and double-click!"

...for porn, porn, porn!!

Psssst....Cindy....Gene has said in print that he will friend anyone who asks him, including probably Michael Vick and Dick Cheney.
Let me personally welcome you to Gene's exclusive friend list. Oddly, Horace isn't on it.

Well Guin,at least I can tell people I'm a friend of Gene's and won't be lying. Much. Michael Vick and Dick Cheney? I'm rubbing elbows with real celebrities here! Things are definitely looking up.

For amusement, I have a random website locator bookmarked. A disclaimer says that they do not link to porn.
Several times I have gotten results that made me question their definition of "porn". By the way, once I had to look at the site sideways to figure out what I was seeing. I like to have gotten whiplash.

*snork* @ Cindy. Let's gang up on Horace and get him on facebook too.

I think that's a great idea, Guin. He seems to be a sensitive, sweet, soul.

My plan to destroy Facebook is working. Hey, you kids, get off my page!

If you want chicks that swallow, here's a link to follow; Cochrane.
Instead of educational sites, we give you red lights; Cochrane.
We dont block, we dont block, we dont block; Cochrane.

Instead of learning multiplication, we'll show you copulation; Cochrane.
If you look for a rooster, we'll show you a cock, Cochrane.
We dont block, we dont block, we dont block; Cochrane.

We dont block, we dont block, we dont block; Cochrane.

Niiiiiice, Bosco.

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