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July 25, 2009


A foolproof economic plan.

A bit old, but as timely as ever.

(Thanks to Another Dave)


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Somehow I think that was some performance "art".

"I wish they could all be California girls"

If anyone needs me, I'll be picking some broccoli from my veggie tree, ok?? cuz it's like stuff...and it's free and you know..like free food!

*hair flip*

food is good, because we need the food and stuff.

I'd like to say, "At least she's involved in the political process." but all I can get out is "She's involved int he political process!!"

But like it's food and it's free and vegetables are really, really good and fruits and vegetables grow on trees! I've never said this before but, WTFBBQ? What vegetable grows on a tree? I can't wait to see what Annie-where-but-here has to say about this. I will commend her for getting involved because that's really, really important.

Obviously a Weed Sciences major.

"Free is when you don't have to pay for nothing or do nothing, we ant to be free, free as the wind"
-Frank Zappa, Teenage Wind

life like totally imitates art even though life like totally didn't know there was art to you know imitate

"And the communities and the cities and San Francisco..."

*smacks self to end acide flashback*

loses 'e' up there

tosses a 'w' up there, not that 'w'

we have slaves on the east coast? isn't that why the east fought the west in the civil war?

" Then after we do all that, we could...like...fix health care 'n stuff... you know, for everyone... "

I can't believe she lost out on Miss California especially with that bazoomage.

I thought the Civil War was when we seceded from Canada, no?

*Wonders why she left out buying our food on Eb@y*

Thanks to Jazzzz for a new photo for my collection.

Wooooooohooooooo! Jazzzzzzzie's hawt! (I like this picture better)

Wow! Jazzy.

This is the first time I've seen a picture of Jazzzz. Wow. He is one good looking guy! You can put me to sleep anytime Jazzzz. (fans self furiously)

Ok, I had to stop, like listening and junk, after like, 30 seconds, because I was picking up all of these steak knives and stuff to, like, stab my ear drums.

So you weren't like, impressed by her bazoomage Sharkie? Because it's like really out there and it's probably free and stuff.

I totally hit the mute button. I appreciate a woman who puts her best foot forward. She may have been a foot-and-a-half, even.

Well, she's trying really hard to use declarative statements. What say we give her an "F" for effort?

I've been busy checking the underground railroad here for the slaves that, you know, got overlooked, cause, like, it's really dark down there. Except for when the trains come.

Sadly, all I can think of is myself trying to translate the phrase "C'ilu" ("like", but in the slang sense) to my Hebrew class last week without using the word "like". I was like totally stumped, ya know?

Siouxie, can I borrow your hair flip?

I'm originally from So Cal. My father used to charge me 5 cents every time i said that darned word and I still can't break the habit...

It's like, really, hard. You know?

Thaks Scott. I'm starting to like* this Taylor Mali guy.

*have affection for

Job security for Boxer, Feinstein, and Pelosi. Except,she may just vote for Carly Fiorina over Boxer, next time around, just because it's so fun to spin around and around while repeating the name over and over.

BTW, jazzzz's Blogger post seemed to end abruptly with "Arkans..." ?

I sent in an updated cgCJ photo.

whether genuine or internet ruse
the councilmen at santa cruz
were exposed to rambling
and linguistic scrambling
such as to, like, you know, confuse!

You're a gem, insom.

CJ an' CG in living color.

... and Jazzzz sent an even better photo.

I'd be glad to add some of you newer faces should any of you be so inclined. Maybe some of you didn't know this page existed. Sometimes we forget to keep it current.

lol those pics! like omg, you're all so, like, old looking and stuff. it's sooooo obv why you, like, can't appreciate how deep and stuff she is.

So, like I'm really, really gonna *SMACK* Marvin because it's like free. And then I'm gonna really, really gonna throw Marvin into a vegetable tree because he's like really, really insulted blog buddies and it will be good for the internet and stuff.

like, dude, respect your elders'n stuff!

Marvin, "Get Off My Lawn"

Yay, people are paying attention to me!

Just kidding bout all that, of course. I'm totally as old young as y'all, too. Here's proof.

Wow, Marvin, you really are old! Now, please excuse me while I clean off my keyboard.

*puts on kicking ass boots*

*KICKS* Marving ------------------->door

heh ;-P


*passes SIouxie her machete*

Im amazed that she stood there and gave to them like a real trooper... Im glad Im not getting the California education!

Maybe she was nervous? btw, that was a great picture of CJ and crossgirl. It's nice to be able to put a face to a name.

Poster child for a California education. Send us money now, please, so we can either fix our educational system, or fix these people so they can't procreate. Like Dan Quayle said, "A mind is a terrible thing."

nursecindy.... can I choose the way to put you to sleep? ;-)

Sure Jazzzz. You're the doctor.

CJ .... I couldn't afford the rest of the letters to send Wyo. Tough times and all

Marvin, with age comes experience, IYKWIM.

Pardon the OT:

I don't know if anyone else here does this, but I'm wondering if I'm the only blogger who has lost the capability lately to post comments via a BlogBerry. I was able to do that for a long time, but lately that seems to no longer be possible no matter what I try. I still can see the posts and all other comments, and I get the comment box. Then a Page Not Found error when I click on "Post".

Maybe I should ask Ms. California Einstein....

Email me at stevesmontclairnj-at-

Blogberries are like, really good, and healthy, and like, tasty, and they're free...except you have to pay the blogfarmers...and the blogland....but the land should be free, because it's just, like...there.


*Was actually going to leave out the address fer now. Sheesh*

Thank you, Perfesser Buthere. Maybe I should pour milk on it, since that's free and not produced by slave farmers.

Jeff. You did "point" out a "couple" of "assets " this young lady had. You are so fair minded.

Luckily she has a built-in jelly-belly roll to support those "assets."

Annie, is this the way a typical valley girl speaks in California?

Yah, fer sure. Before I moved here, I thought they were joking about the accent. Nope. It's like, fer real...totally.

That would like, totally you know, drive me crazy fer sure.

But she didn't mention "the Iraq"!...

(...and she had a nice Iraq, too!) *ow*

I do a pretty cool Val accent. It's like, gnarly, ya know?

Grace Slick and Jim Morris's lst Star child, comes into her own.

Can I, like, have a blogberry frapuccino grande mocha latte cuz they're like, sooooo like, totally delish! fer sure!

*hair, like, flip*

Annie, gag me with a spoon!!

For posterity (and the deaf), I bring to you the exact transcript of this sound economic plan. Paragraph breaks coincide with camera cuts.

Well, the crops are, um, growing very well, and, um, they're organic and some of them have pesticides and I think that we should make, um, a perfect pesticide for the crops that is, um, good for people, and healthy, and keeps the crops preserved, too, because we need the food because it's food and stuff and organic food is good also, um.
And the businesses downtown really need to lower their rent, because if the rent those people would really have their own businesses. They have enough stuff. They're very good at making things. They're like experts. They're really good. And we can really be a community and, um, make the things, and um, sell them in our stores, and I really believe that it can be a "California thing." That it can, it can really work out, because, um, we can be rich, and cotton, and mining metals, and silkworms, and we can make things. We can make things (cars) - the machine can make it for us. We can have the community and the city in San Francisco and we can make things and put them in the store.
On the east coast they have slaves and they believe in slavery and "Made in China" but, um, on the West Coast, the new West Coast we don't believe in that. We believe in the Union, and that's what we are.
As in the Bush administration, which is really good, he had government funding for small business owners.
You can grow every kind of fruit and vegetable you want. That's how they do it. They have fruit trees and vegetable trees. That's where fruit and vegetable [sic] come from.
You freeze the fruit and vegetables, it'll last forever. You can put, you know, broccoli or strawberries in the freezer; It'll last forever. If you don't, it, you know, it might go bad in a while, but.
People, we live in California. This is our home. This is where we live.
Growing food is so good for the people, because it's free. All's you have to do is pay the farmers, and pay for the land. But why do we have to pay for the land? The land's free. It's new land, you know. I mean do we have to pay for the land? Do we have to pay rent, do we have to pay? Um, the food's free, so we should just...sell it at the Farmer's Market.

Council: Thank You.
Woman: You're welcome.
Council: Next speaker?

Hippy cows come from California.

Another possible GOP candidate for 2012, also?

"Only dead fish go with the flow." --Sarah Palin, quitting, July 3, 2009

*eye roll*

I can only hope, Clown Puppy....Also...

*eye roll*

I can only hope, Clown Puppy....Also...

*takes out shotgun & shoots blog bot*


oh yeah ;-P

I think she, like, hit on an excellent idea, ya' know, about mining the silkworms and all...

As an east coaster (mostly), I'd also like to make my beliefs known:
Long live slavery, apparently!

Re Wyo's photos; we do have very nice looking bloggers. Looks and wit combined.
Like, cool.

NS don't tell Wyo but, he's nice looking too. And, may I add, has a beautiful family and a great personality.

o/t but does it bother anybody else that they're using Quiet Riot's Cum and feel the noize on a french fry commercial now? I loved that song.

Frodo .... anyone knows that you "pan" for silk worms, not mine.

Marvin, that gave me a headache.

Anyone seen my slave Rrrrrrrrrrrolando?? I need my breakfast in bed...NOW!

Rrrrrrrrrrolando went to Mass Siouxie. Didn't you see him there this morning?

You call that "stupidly," Mr. President? Now this is what I call "stupidly."

@nursecindy - despite my usual lurking I'll weigh in: yes, that bothers me. Totally.

And with that, I'm off to get brunch which will consist of bacon, eggs, possibly steak, homefries or grits and possibly a Bloody Mary or three (other options include hard cider or a Negroni). I think the fact that this food and drink is produced here in America by slaves (or 'servants') makes it taste better.

Yeah, I like food which is also like so good for people. If I couldn't eat food I'd just die.

Wow!!! Love the article. Maybe you can give some love to my blog sometime.
or my site

Valspeak Converter

wow, i haven't been here in forever, but i heard rumors that there were new pics of some cute guys (and gals) here...thanks, wyo!

still lookin' good, jazzzzie!

oh, and to those of you guys who don't know him?

marvin up there ^ may appear to be a smartass sometimes, but in truth, he is ;p

and as far as bloglits go, he's actually been around a reeeeallly long time - way longer than me, even!

*waves to marvin*

*waves to blue, also too*

Thanks for tellin' it like it is, sg, even though nobody will ever read these comments again.

*ignores above remark, and waves to sg and m|pa*

I ran Marvin's transcript through Ralph's converter to translate it into Swedish Chef, and my computer blew up.

well, M/PA, i read them, and i'm quite sure you didn't just call me a nobody?!? ;p

*loves blue a hairflip*

I'm not quite sure I didn't not just call you nothing, no sirree.

*waves at the blue*

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