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July 01, 2009


Protection sought again for giant, spitting worms

(Thanks to Ralph)


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But Dave, aren't they there already?

I have to admit I love animals and believe it is our job to protect them, but, giant spitting worms are not on my list of animals that I love. Puppies, kittens, cute bears, yes. Worms, snakes, no.

The Graboids are even more rare and threatened. They deserve our protection, as well.

Yep, they're in DC already. Blech!

[ Comment deleted for phallus related content due to poster not reading article about zoological creatures. ]

Lily Smelling Worms WBAGNFARB.

"The worm has been seen only four reported times in the past 110 years, but supporters contend it is still present in the Palouse..."

Giant Spitting Worm Supporters??
Now there's AGNFAPRB if I've ever heard one!
; )

You say Palouse, I say Pelosi.

Linky thing below


These need to be studied until we can figure how they spit giants.

Have some pity on the one-eyed viper, too.

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