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July 05, 2009


Here you go.

(Heartfelt thanks to nursecindy)


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Mmmm, I can see the commercials now.....Nothing comes between me and my Calvin Kilts

Yumm. Thanks judi AND cindy!! Heh...I have coasters with one of those photos.

Nice way to start off the day.

Wow, guys in skirts kinda make Britney Spears seem modest!

I can't help thinking of the Jeff Foxworthy routine:

If a woman says to a man, "I'm not wearing any underwear!," the guy's thinking, "Ahhhrrright! I might get lucky!" But if a man says to a woman, "I'm not wearing any underwear!," the woman's thinking, "Oh NOOOO! That means I'll have to wash those pants TWICE!!!"

So can any bloglady explain to me why guys in kilts trump that fundamental truth?

frodolives - it could be that blogladies view pants as barriers to free access where kilts are merely there to keep the choicest bits from getting sunburnt. In other words, they're more like the guy in the Foxworthy quote.

Also, they're not doing the laundry.

'S'truth, Scott, 'S'truth... LOL!

I looked at this as a sort of research. It finally answers that age old question, "What does a Scottish man wear under his kilt?"

And have you reached a conclusion, nursecindy? Or is more research necessary?

You can never do too much research Scott. It pays to be thorough. I'm curious about the 'itchiness factor' from those kilts. Usually they're made out of wool.

Q: What are you wearing under that kilt?

A: Your wife's lipstick.

So... Plaid is what the well-dressed refrigerator repairmen are wearing this year...?

Naughty, cindy!

Anyway, it's more like men out of kilts.

NTTAWWT, if that floats your boat.

There once was a Scot in a kilt,
Whose Glenfiddich he swore na'e be spilt,

No, I got nuthin'...

Ah, the guys on this site are far too model-y, but kilts are definitely my favorite part of any Scottish Games or Renaissance Fair. Thanks!

Q: What are you wearing under your kilt?

A: Shoes.

Personally, I liked the photo with the strategically placed shoe....

Q: What are you wearing under your kilt?
A: Shoes.
Posted by: ScottMGS | July 05, 2009 at 05:38 PM

"Really BIG shoes."

Annie, here's to wish fulfillment of your, um, wish fulfillment...

btw, "Big Shoes Under Kilts" WBAGNF making guys wince...

"(Heartfelt thanks to nursecindy)"

Call me insane but I don't think it's the heart we're talking about here.

could the warning be placed ABOVE the pict? lol! I have a huge wide plasma monitor and it filled the screen with the images

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