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July 25, 2009


More Than Just Sopranos

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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They were probably growing those to hide the bodies.


Siouxie wake up! In fact the entire blog needs to wake up. (bangs pots and pans together) May I suggest they move these gators to another state? Perhaps.....Florida?

Meanie, check under your bed, there's a gator still unaccounted for.

I think Siouxie was yawning because gators are so common in Florida they shop at Publix, cindy.

Yes, JEff And they have Florida drivers' licenses and vote and eat yappy dogs and just are a total nuisance but they DO make lovely strappy sandals.

" I don't think alligators should have homes, because...like... so many people are homeless, and that's a major downer...so maybe alligators should just live where they're supposed to... like in swamps 'n Florida 'n stuff. "

I checked there just the other day, Jeff, when I noticed that one was missing, but it wasn't there either.

I did notice a map of Brooklyn by the tank, though.

"it is illegal to have an alligator in a private residence"

Now, y'all just need to get Florida to pass a similar law, and include the lawn. Post it, the gators see it, and -- voila! -- problem solved.

Back in the sixties, when it was legal, one of my cousins in Florida begged me to loan him $17 so he could buy a pet alligator.
Fortunately, I was much older (2 years) and wiser. I knew I'd never get my money back.

* Marvels that there exists a phrase 'pet alligator'.*

They should feed them Rabis and kidneys.

BTW, ncindy, NC (the Wilmington area; my family lives in Calabash) is the northern limit of the natural range for gators, so don't get all snippy.

How do you know those gators aren't sopranos? Did you hear them sing or something? Huh?

I had a pet alligator about that size 50 years ago, in a Bronx apartment. It wasn't a very good pet; it was pretty stupid and liked to get out of its tank and crawl around the floor at night. My mother used to wake me up to get the alligator away from the bathroom so she could get in. Now they're illegal pets in most states without a permit, but when was the last time you saw a story about a pet alligator biting someone in its neighborhood? Dogs are far more dangerous, not to mention the New Jersey Devil.

I just noticed that CJ called me 'snippy'. I never! Actually I've been to Calabash many times. There is nothing better than true Calabash shrimp.

More alligators, and other critters.

When alligators are outlawed only outlaws will have alligators! (I hope)

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