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July 24, 2009


(Thanks to catmanmax)


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"...oh, for the love of mike..."

I was going to say, "He sealed his fate," but of course, he's a sea lion, not a seal.

*goes back to the bench to wait for the geezer bus*

When it comes time for me to shuffle off, I can think of few better ways to go.

A randy sea lion named Mike
Was up for one final strike
He gathered his harem
And asked them to bear 'em
So he could leave Rockefeller-like

I feel bad for the females. Who's gonna take care of 'em now???


True Hammy, we should salute our fallen soldier that has given his all for The Cause.


For each of us who falls limp on the battlefield, may ten more rise to take his place!

(p.s. Hammy -- remember we're meeting at the seal tank at 2:00. Dibs on Tiffy.)

I like the names of the girls in his harem -- Tiffy, Farah, etc. They sounded like stripper names.

"bare 'em"


"bear 'em"


so it WILL kill ya! hmmm.

*wonders what the boys are saluting with*

la la la ....

"He will be remembered fondly."
Yeah, by Farah, Tiffy and Soda!...

Way to go, Mike!

The Nelson Rockefeller of Sea Lions. Coincidentally, I learned about what actually killed Nelson Rockefeller from Dave, back when my age was in the single digits.

I know what I want to be in the next life...

Kind of makes me all blubbery . . .

I was going to say, "He should pride himself on his fate," but of course, he's a sea lion, not a lion. IF ONLY.

lol mtb

The Nelson Rockefeller of Sea Lions.

Elon, you beat me to it.

Mike went out on top (one presumes).


This is exactly why we women sometimes just want to be held. See what happens?

He came and he went.

A credit to his gender. Ten Hut. Saaalute.

the harem is busy a'grieving
his potency beyond believing
for he porked till he died
and at last he cried
"i thank god that i wasn't receiving"

I suppose this would be an insensitive moment to quote the "Blown Seal, No Just a Glazed Donut" joke?

He's gone to meet with the real Farah.

He went out with a bang.

( Warren Beatty holds hand to forehead, sensing a great disturbance in the Force...)

It's always an appropriate time for the "Blown Seal" joke, especially since that was the first thing that came to my mind.

OT: I think Dave's gonna get aired on NPR shortly to talk about the racetrack at MIA.

I'm just surprised this wasn't a story about an NBA or NFL player. Maybe the Heat shoulda looked at signing the seal a couple of years back.....

Did anyone else see "Copulation Fatality" on their tour with "WhiteSnake"?

I feel bad for the females. Who's gonna take care of 'em now???

Posted by: Siouxie | July 24, 2009 at 11:32 AM

And by "take care of 'em," you meeeaaannnn, what?

Been there, done that. Used to hang with this perrita, too.

cosa, you have a singular wit... it is probably better served on other sites... so go to those sites, and leave us alone, OK? If you ever decide you can join the mainstream of society, once you get out of whatever psych hospital you are in, we'd love to have you back!!


A commemorative euro is already in the works.

Germany is almost France, and Sea Lion is almost Seal, so this might be the Time to mention that the French Word for Seal is phoque.

does anyone have Wyo's current e-mail address they could send me ?
back on topic

Jazzers, I've got the last one that I've got, but don't want to send it out over the ether... You want me to try and contact him personally, and have him get in touch with you?

Jazzzz, just sent a personal to Wyo to have him get in touch with you... (or me, or anybody, because we haven't seen him around the blog much... to our collective chagrin!)

I just tagged you both; I believe that's his current one. Of course, I first sent it to an old one for Jazzz!


*I* took care of Jazzzzzzzie last night ;-P

There has to be some kind of posthumous medal that can be awarded. Maybe he could be stuffed and mounted, you know, what he was used to already.

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