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July 14, 2009


Officials tell the Jersey Journal they still don't know why a gunman robbing a gas station near the Holland Tunnel was carrying a potato in his left hand, but one Jersey City officer speculates he may have been trying to silence his gun with the vegetable.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Must have been a carb-ine.

Shoddy journalism. What kind of potato? Scalloped, french fried, mashed?

That's not what they meant when they said hold the veggies.

Well, we all know what the term "Exploding Potatoes" is good for.

This would make a great episode on "CHIPs"

He's part of the notorious Spuds gang.

He was just transfering the potato after he relized that it was not having the desired affect he wanted down the back of his pants.

tosses a^

*snork* @ CHiPS.

"Give me the money or the potato gets it!!"

Did he possibly misunderstand some reference on a Sopranos episode?

Maybe it's a faulty Italian/English dictionary that he used to clarify something after the show? You know, Phil says "if he talks, get him with the (fill in the blank) and this dope says "aha! Potato!"

It was ammunition.

On Sunday night, the robber entered a Gulf station, demanded money, then walked to the nearby Burger King parking lot and drove off in a two-door black vehicle heading east.

Maybe he was going to ask them to fry it for him?

Everybody in Joisey knows youse gotta use a soda bottle for a silencer.

"But a police ballistics expert concluded that the potato would simply explode in a gunman's face, Eason told the Jersey Journal."

Gives a new meaning for the phrase, "Hot potato".

Maybe he was Irish and was carrying it for luck? Or he thought it was a hand grenade.

Elon, wouldn't that be a stolen potato?

Jersey City. I have family, up there, butt more to the point, I have an old friend from there that once, told me a story.

Back in 1968, when towns of a certain reputation (Chicago, L.A.), had errupted in flaming riots, he told me that the mayor had a local Jersey National Guard group bring in a 30 caliber machine gun and set it up on the roof of the court house. Hizzoner then got on a bull horn and said, "Commence the riot, now".

For some reason, nobody listened to the mayor and no riot was held. They were probably busy, digging potatoes.

Umm, these italics are apparently courtesy of Diva.

I up from Rutgers to Jersey City to take the GRE. If an uglier city exists, I do not want to know about it.

I passed out from sleep deprivation on the train ride back. When I woke up, I thought I was in heaven. Took me a minute to realize it was just Elizabeth. It looked that nice by comparison.

If yer leanin' right and aint feelin good, use a


to straighten yerself out.

Oops!!! Mea culpa! Judiiiiiiii! I broke the blog!!

Just seein' if I can post to the broken blog.

wow, after weeks of not bein' able to post anything, it seem's I've fixed it. What "It" was, I'm not sure.

so where were we?

did that fix Diva's boo boo?

The police were obviously unfamiliar with the classic Popeil Pocket Potato Pistol. Carries a 12-round clip and makes perfect Julienne Fries!

Hey Wyoooooooooooo.
long time, and all that. Thinking of you today, hoping you were well.

Never try to understand anything in NJ, or your head will explode, much like a shell-shocked spud.

And a Howdy-Doo to Annie before I shut-er down.
G'nite folks



Nighty-nite, Jazzzzzzzz. Guess you need your beauty sleep.

Niters, Jazzzzzzzzie!! smoooch!

One for two, I'm afraid. You may have fixed yourself, but the blog's still broken.

nice to be back

Irish Mafia. They carry potatos.

LTNS, Wyo... and "Diva's boo boo" WBAGN would be Diva's issue and I won't go into it...

When I was in junior high (No, wait, it was yesterday) I built a "Spud Gun". Is this a variation of the same device?

Spud Gun Wikipedia Entry

Hm. I think the blog looks much prettier in italics.


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