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July 26, 2009


(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Has anyone checked Ebay?

I've got your nose!

It has already hired an agent.

Nasty. It's in someone's freezer until further notice. A prosthetic nose! I think I'll go wash my face and enjoy my nose...bump, feeling and everything.

Still nasty.

Hand MJ a tissue.

Is this it?


" Folks, this is the Captain speaking. Tonight's buffet has been cancelled. "

At first I thought it said "Pathetic Nose," WWBAGNFAn alt-rock band

His nose may not get far on foot but it still smells

So, it's still running?

Whether this is true or not is not the real issue, here. EVERY client has a legal right to privacy.

The real problem is that some little piece of sh!t in the L.A. coroner's office is guilty of either giving out information of a highly confidential nature, or fomenting a rumor about a client who may be the victim of manslaughter or homicide. There is enough grist for the rumor mills without someone in a position of trust and confidentiality adding to the pile. Shame on the public servant(s) responsible. Shame, and hopefully, prosecution.

Please keep in mind that while this person is beyond further pain, his children are not. Please have respect for their feelings.


But this fomenting thing - doesn't that have something to do with beer or kimchee? ;)

Cher, give that back.

Elvis took it.

Might have found it:


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