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July 25, 2009


Fla. cops catch man running with cash register

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"The officers who arrested the suspect after a short chase had just come from reviewing surveillance footage at a nearby connivence store, where lottery tickets had been stolen a day earlier."

Connivence store? The dictionary definition says that it means "assent."

Some criminals will never change.

When the cashier asked to see the bill, the man reportedly began screaming, "I want change!" Police said the man then grabbed about $40 from a tip box, picked up the cash register containing nearly $300 and ran out.


This is all well and good but the big question here is did he get his change? I guess he took Obama's promise for change literally.

" People should just chill, and like...not take stuff that's not theirs, because it's just not cool, yanno ? Unless someone needs it...'n then people should just say ' Here, you need this cash register more then me, 'cause you're hungry 'n in a hurry 'n... like... what's money for anyway if we can't help someone out '... right ? "

*SMACKS* Clankazoid to snap him out of it.

Stopping this man for no other reason than he was running with a register is clear cut profiling.

I always carry my cash in a register. It makes the ole pockets a little lumpy but you can't argue with security.

Greeeeeen Acres is the place to be.
Grab the register and try to flee.

When the suspect was searched, he was also found to carrying a lottery ticket machine.

I once caught a guy stealing a neighbors TV and he took off running. Well, as best he could, carrying a TV. When I got close, he tossed he TV into a ditch, destroying it.

Soooo, do you let a guy go, running with a TV, hoping that at least somebody can use it?

"Is your cash register running?"

"Um, yeah. Oh crap!"

"Hey, that's not how the punchline goes!"

>>*SMACKS* Clankazoid to snap him out of it.<<

( shakes head, sighs deeply ) Uh... Where am I ? I was watching that city council video and then...

>> Greeeeeen Acres is the place to be.
Grab the register and try to flee.<<

Major laugh out loud

Didn't something like that happen in Hurricane Punch? Or was that an ATM?

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