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July 24, 2009


Orgy cruising.

Key Excerpt: The compromising pictures, which showed tourists in engaging in sexual acts, were too explicit to be published in the Cyprus Mail, but many depicted ‘competitions’ in which whipped cream, melons and bananas played a central role.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hey, whatever floats your boat these days.

sing: "the skank boat,
soon will be taking another run
the skank boat,
bodily fluids for everyone!
(never mind all that scratching as scabies invade your pants)
the skank boat! etc."


The ship is under the command of one Captain von Shtupping.

Meet my personal "cruise directors", Anni-Frid and Agnetha...

I understand the bananas and whipped cream but the melons?

Can we NOT imagine the limbo contest, please??????

cindy, usually melons and whipped cream go together. no?

Or maybe they were just having a healthy fruit salad...

*hair flip*

cindy, usually melons and whipped cream go together. no?

Or maybe they were just having a healthy fruit salad...

*hair flip*

"Welcome to Carnal Cruise Lines. May I interest you in a whipped creamed dessert?"

Does the ship have a Rear Admiral?

No but it's got a lot of seamen.

All hands on d.... wait, what'd he say?

*groans* @ Siouxie

"In the event you life vest does not automatically inflate, please blow into this tube to inflate the vest. As we have had some confusion lately, I am required to remind you that blow does not mean to suck in. Thank you."

;-P @ Tampa Norm!

Forget the limbo. Imagine playing Twister! or not.

Question: Where do they keep their room keys??

*WAVES @ Hammie!!* LOL

I refuse to believe any of this happened until I've seen the pictures!

Seaman Staines, consider yourself...discharged.

Women keep their keycards in lovely garters.
Men keep their keycards in Ipod arm straps.

Umm, I'm guessing...

What? Nobody's up for a Blog cruise?

Way too funny, y'all!

I'd avoid the poop deck.

You never saw this kind of thing on "The Love Boat".

I'm going on a cruise in Sept. I need to make sure it's not a nekkid orgy cruise or I'm gonna need a lot more sunscreen.

They put the buff in midnight buffet.

Beach hotels have showers to wash the sand off. Siouxie's orgy cruise should have a sunblock shower you go through on the way to the peep deck...

"Attention please: All hands on d*ck"

♬ "Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a s*x-fest ship,
That started from this Cyprus port,
For this orgy trip.

The mate was a mighty virile man,
The skipper, he was yours.
600 passengers set sail
For a three hour tour... A three hour tour.

The s*x romp started getting rough,
The cruise ship it was tossed.
If not for the condoms of the fearless crew,
The men, oh, would pay costs! The men, oh, would pay costs! ♩

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