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July 28, 2009


Yes, we have blogged this sign before. But hey.



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*prepares to help judi clean her desk out*

But THIS time Dave's actually there (so no need for a firing)!

I'm feeling moved by the spirit, or something.....

Amen, Brother Dave!

Nice hat.

"Oh God!"

"Oh God!"

"Oh God!"

Can you give me Hallelujah!?!

Hey Dave, the birch tree behind your left elbow is eyeing you.

Seriously. Look at the big picture.

Is Walter a member???


Say, Dave, when was the last time you polished your helmet?

Those dour Scots in their kilts.

Fertilize! Fertilize!

I've dated a Presbyterian....can they go to hell for exagerating?

Bragging again, Dave?

Or are you just happy to be there?

And in the morning on the fourth day, there was wood and God saw that is was good.

OK, I'm pretty sure this is a Manny Ramirez joke, but I'm not getting it.

Is there a Church of the Long Putter ?

Nice blue shirt...

I may be qualified to be an Elder-wood.

Quit bragging Sharkie. The things Dave has to do for us bloggers. And that tree behind your left elbow does look like it's eyeing you and not in a friendly way.

seriously, please move away from that tree. That is definitely not mary, jesus, or michael jackson.

bet a lot of people from other denominations come here for the singles group.

*Orders up a bunch of handbaskets*

I'm not touching this one.

What's the history behind "Church of the Big Wood" How did they arrive at that name? Now Dave, Have you attended the "Church of the Big Wood"?

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