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July 28, 2009


Do not even think of attempting this without beer.



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Careful, Dave. We don't want to lose you.

First Dave thinks he's Maria von Trapp, then Tarzan. I'm afraid to ask what comes next.

One of those infrastructure projects in the stimulus plan. Looks as though it's about to fall into the water under that gross weight.

Horace, its rude of you to refer to Dave as an infrastructure project.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Looks like fun!

Did the sneakers get wet, Dave?

With all these recreational activities, I think Dave is going to be writing a very short book.

(Ridley! Did you push Dave off that bridge before he had time to take his sneakers off??)

Lose the shoes.

Actually, that trick should be done naked for the full effect, IYKWIM.

I was right. He went to Idaho.

But Bungee jumping??

Let me give you the names of a few Chiropractors in Idaho Falls....


I think he's practicing to take over the role of Jack Bauer's stuntman next season!

He's not really in Idaho, he's in Sun Valley, communing with nature and all the rich people.

I had no idea Dave was such a swinger! Seems everyone is into that these days.

Way to go on the Baby Bungee, Dave!

So since you said, "Here, hold my beer!" the photographer must have shot this with one hand.

I wonder. Does Dave ever read these posts and involuntarily spit beer through his nose?

Because I'm going to admit, here I do it rather regularly.

So, Dave, how are you doing on the book?

two words for ya Dave.

or for me


Don't knooooowwww, Dave, looks rather close to the shore in shallow water, there? Someone could put an eye out break a leg in that situation...

I thought Dave was going to Idaho to finish off a book, not himself. I'll bet that little office in Miami is looking pretty good about now.

It's a photoshoot for the cover of his new book, "Dave Barry- Hangin' In Style."

Uhhhh...kind of shallow water there...Mr. Barry

Good picture...but...about that bridge...

Kids book, huh?

Interesting when Dave chooses to wear a helmet.

I'm sure the first person to think of that had had beer.

What did they build that bridge with, spare parts?
And did no one tell Dave about the giant leaping Idaho lobster that lives in the rivers there? Maybe that explains his expression.

I hope you're wearing a cup.

Please transport that nice, cool river to hot, muggy Massachusetts. Thank you.

Nice picture...

Dave flatulantly-propelled on a rope whilst keeping his shoes dry.

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