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July 14, 2009


Police: Drunk man mowed neighbor's lawn

(Thanks to Mike Ester and Matt Filar)


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Did he (homeowner) call the police before or after he (drunk) finished the lawn?

George Jones used to do this a lot... but he mostly just mowed the median of the highway. Thereby saving the taxpayers a lot of money.

But did they thank him... NOOOOOOO...

I sometimes think society has its priorities all wrong.

Does he do windows?? I have wine.

A drunk man once mowed my "lawn" but he wasn't my neighbor.

If I wanted my lawn mowed, I'd buy a lawnmower.

casey, girl...I've missed you here!!

Siouxie, as you can well imagine, I had to clean that comment up considerably.

The drunken mowers WBAGNF Geezer RB.

Dunken mowing is Illegal? There goes my weekly Entertainment.

Great idea as long as you don't have: flowers, trees, garden gnomes, Rover (I'm looking over), Fluffy, lawn furniture, kids, other drunks passed out, car...

casey, I'm sure mary is appreciative of your restraint.

Casey some of us would have appreciated before and after pictures of the landscape.

Who was that gassed man?

The Lawn Stranger!

lol Meanie!

♫ i fought the lawn and the lawn won! ♫

Well if the police found him later at 5:30 AM, that means he was mowing the lawn right around 4:00 AM-ish, and that is the slightest bit passive agressive in nature.

Speaking of which, Siouxie - where IS mary? I haven't seen her in ages.

*sings along with sgirl*

Also, Dave, I'm thinking this guy might JUST be a candidate for the Lawn Rangers. There is alcohol involved, right? Or do you guys just do push mowers?

I have to cut the lawn tomorrow. I wish someone would show up to do it for me. Drunk or not. I've cut a lot of the mowing out though with a bottle of grass killer I bought. Works great.

Mowing a lawn is a class C felony? I'll have to try that excuse out on my wife, but I doubt it will get me out of mowing the lawn.

This sounds familiar

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