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July 30, 2009


Unfortunately, we cannot blog it because of our strict policies against ... oh, Austria it.

(Thanks to DavCat, Peter Metrinko, Jeff Meyerson and Richard Hunt)


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...and in other news, the sun rises.

WTG, hooker!

Perhaps, because she loves children.

perhaps she is into the crochet.

*snork* @ Judi's "oh, Austria it" !!

Husband named B.J. Hooker...not that I'm making fun if that...but expanding the menu might drive more business...

removes "i" in if and replaces it with "o".

Heh-heh, Hooker "was reared in Dallas". That must have been extra.

belated *snork* @ judi's Austria it!

*snork* @ judi and Sharkie!

Hooker? Lay person? BJ? Woody?


Know the difference between an epileptic oyster-shucker and a prostitute with diarrhea?

One shucks between fits . . .

Sad but true: names do make a difference.

yeah and they go to one of them BIG WOOD churches.

Ima Hogg was a pig for attention.

Too bad Richard Hunt's brother Mike didn't send this.

Why is everybody picking on Woody morgan?

It was obviously meant to be.

I just don't know where the Austria to start...


It looks like the paper changed the headline -- boo

WTABBQ? The paper did change the headline. Wonder if they read this blog?

Austrian A! I firmly believed that someone was messing around with us, what with all the boners they pulled in that story. But I was satisfied by the end because the jokes petered out about halfway through.

And it may have been because of This Blog™ that they took down the ad for Weed Science and a bunch of other old ones (but not the link to it for some strange reason)

I am shocked, all this hooker and reared in Dallas talk and not one mention of Debbie

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