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July 25, 2009


King High assistant principal told to stop popping students' toes

(Thanks to DavCat)


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versus getting a rap on the knuckles -- a tough choice

I have commend this guy. There is no way I would touch an unknown teenager's foot. Not without a couple of pair of gloves on.

No way he could possibly be a foot fetishing ped(ha!)ophile.

"Catholic school nuns used to have a reputation for wrapping knuckles with rulers"

It takes a strong nun to wrap rulers around knuckles. Although some women can wrap a man around their little fingers.

Don't mess with the Nuns or Catholic schools. Every single person I ever knew who attended the Catholic school in Paintsville Kentucky failed third grade. They all knew about the ruler.
That Nun was one mean Mother (ha!).

The cops investigated, but didn't call a toe truck. It couldn't have been serious.

Just something dumb. Get a life, pansies.

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