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July 24, 2009


The Terengganu Government has called for prompt action against the Kemaman panty and bra thief before the culprit strikes more fear among families.

Key Name of Disgusted State Executive Councillor: Datuk Mohamed Awang Tera

(Thanks to Rakesh Kumar Premakumaran)


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“This fellow could steal the undergarments of our family members one day,’’ he said when contacted yesterday.

How do we know that it was a "fellow"?

Maybe he or she is a pervert that practices voodoo. Or he or she is just a nut that likes to steal underwear and then cut it up.

*not making fun of any names*

"...villagers had warned their daughters not to dry their undergarments out for sometime."

"However, he added, after finding the stolen undergarments at the secluded road, villagers suspect that the culprit was a pervert."

Ya think?!

That or a frat boy.

Maybe a jihad? Underpants against his religion. Looking for Jesus in the skidmarks?

I suspect Pander Bears.

"villagers suspect that the culprit was a pervert"? I am honestly trying to think of an alternative.
Fraternity, maybe?
What appendage does a Muslim country cut off for stealing underwear? Ouch.

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