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July 25, 2009


(Thanks to oneblankspace)


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Uhmmm wrong kind of weed. Although I'm sure it could be added to the program. Is there anything left that you don't need a degree for?

" Weed is like, so groovy...'n I'm in favor of it, I guess..."

Many of us should be able to earn infinite CFLE.

Heh heh. They said "higher education".

I thought something like this was behind Clank's last few posts...

I gave a talk to some state and federal food and drug officials about mislabeled herbs. I mentioned how much "oregano" was being carried around on college campuses in the sixties. Every single person in the room old enough to remember that time grinned or laughed.

Dude, you got your weed in my grass.

Weed control means holding it in without coughing.

when i was student teaching many moons ago, the PO-leeece came to our jr high for their requisite talk about drugs..... they passed around pipes and other paraphenalia! they were too stupid to realize some of the 'children' might keep some. what a riot. what a buncha maroons.
this was in the early 70s, so you can imagine - if you remember. them days are a little hazy. weeding the garden had a whole other drift.

DRC facilities include over 1,000 acres of land for field research, laboratories, greenhouses, cotton gin, auditorium, offices, library, a state of the art soil test laboratory and teleconferencing center.

Dude, that's a lot of oregano!

This was so fun to read. Even though I dont know much about the sixty, this day in age isnt lacking far behind. =P

When I was a Cornell Aggie in the late 60's, weed science wasn't as well understood, so someone did some extracurricular research and removed the cannabis plant from the poisonous plant garden. One of my professors was annoyed that it was no longer available for educational purposes.
Besides weed science, you could study animal husbandry (until they caught you), fruits and nuts, dirty books (agronomy literature), watching grass grow (turfgrass management), etc. I was a wildlife conservation major, so knowing the biological effects of weed was a requirement.

I think this is terrible, dandelions are very good when mixed with mango's.

Many of my neighbors have degrees from this astute School..schollls...shcoohls..schhhh..

They took the ad down (and a bunch of other old ones). But not the link to the ad.

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