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July 31, 2009


It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you, sir.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Mary Ann is 71? Noooooooooo! Goes off to find geezer bus.

That explains why Dave is really in Idaho.


Get me one of her coconut shell furniture sets. I need to furnish my Tiki Bar!

Whatever you do, don't buy her boat. Word has it that there is a hole in it that even a professor can't repair.

BTW.........Good Morning judi.
; )

And that weed in the refrigerator was left over from the previous owner, Bob Denver, who bequeathed it to her in his will.

dave will probably try to find one of those bikini bras made out of cocoanuts or something. or maybe not.

dave you absolutely have to go... how often do you -- or anybody - go to idaho. or is that iowa or ohio. i get confused.


Ginger, Ginger, Ginger. I'm so tired of hearing about that slut Ginger.

I've always found it interesting that most guys come down solidly on one side or the other in that eternal debate: Ginger vs. Mary Ann. There's not much middle ground there.

Personally, I was always a Mary Ann kind of guy. Maybe it's because she seemed a lot more attainable than Ginger.

Mary Ann was HOT. The fact that Gilligan paid no attention to her showed that he was....well, I'm not sure what Gilligan was. But Mary Ann was Hot.

If there's a coconut bra in all that stuff, I imagine the straps have had to be lengthened several times.

Did you ever see that episode of Gilligan's Island, where they almost made it off the island, but then Gilligan screwed it up and then they were still stuck?

Good times.

I want one of her coconut creme pies.

You guys miss the point. The correct answer to the age-old question is "Mary Ann AND Ginger"--which is what I firmly believe the Professor was getting. Smart is sexy!!

What? No signed coconut bong?

Howz come nobody ever answers that question, "Mrs. Howell"?


I think most of us want her coconut creme pie.

Are there any pairs of screen-used Daisy Dukes? I'm a memorabilia collector.

Dibs on the roach clips!


sit right back, and you'll hear a tale, a tale that will make you puke.

That started in Oz-trail-eyah, on a lorry full of cuke.

The buffalo started getting rough, and all the cukes were rocked. The lorry fell in the river, and it's driver then got croc'ed.

Ginger or Mary Ann.

What was the question, again?

No fair Jeff! I paid 19.95 for my top like that. Of course my coconuts are bigger.

Dave if you want to ride up like some night in shining something-or-other..my horse lives in Driggs.

*let's Cheryl borrow a "k" from me*

Allen@D has it right. The professor could have gotten off of the island any time. If he wanted to....

Dawn "Mary Ann" Wells also had a home in Indian Rocks Beach, FL for a time in the '80s. Lived with her mom. I interviewed her several times, even got my crapcam taken with her. Back then, 20+ years ago, she looked FABULOUS! Bet she's aged better than me, too...

*hailing geezer bus*

Thanks for teeling us about your auction. I will try to be a part of this.

Thanks & Regards
Alice Butler

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