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July 30, 2009


'We are a very traditional community and we find this sort of public display shocking,' the F***ing resident added.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, queensbee, and DavCat)


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So they set up a kind of "red light" camera so they can, what ... watch?

No F***ing way! The man's in love.

Will there be a streaming High Fidelity web feed? I wonder if there's any kind of market for that sort of thing.

The Snopes article on the town, Welcome to Austria, has pictures of the signs. The second one is fooking funny.

I'm thinking they watch the cameras and only give tickets to the ugly ones...

It's good to see American culture coming to other countries.

Allen, they rate them like Olympic diving or gymnastics.

"Ooh, nice reverse cowboy there. I'll give them a 9.5."

I'm surprised they only have a population of 104.
Perhaps the signs are incorrect.

lol @ Horace. Please not so fast, indeed.

NotSherly - maybe they went here, too.

Change the town's name to Blow Me. It's the only way.

I really need to stop reading these in the office. People are staring.

The quickest way to Fucking is through the Tequila Expressway, but if you follow your woman's directions you'll spend forever taking the scenic route on the Foreplay Interchange.

*snork* @ Martini

I did not know you could have a asterisk in a URL.

(I tried to post this earlier, but Typepad didn/t feel like it.)

*smacks Sharkie for not using and asterisk* This is a family blog, Buster! *hands mary the sharpies. again.*

*waves @ JoG™*

According to Snopes, the Bergermeister wants bigger screws.

*Waves* back

Growing up in southern Wisconsin, I thought all the Illinois tourists came from a town of the same name.

In fact I believe I can still buy a t-shirt there that says GBTI* on one side and FIB** on the other.*

* "Go Back To Illinois"
** Left as an exercise for the reader.

Excepting you, of course, Deev.

Unless you're wearing a Bears or Cubs jersey.

Margaritaville, we Americans are much more polite. We give our towns names like "Intercourse" (Pennsylvania).

Makes sense to put a camera there. It is a red light district.

Don't forget BlueB***S

what are their athletic teams' nicknames?

the f**king yodelers?

the f**king nuisances?

and the cheers?

"zwei... vier... sechs... acht
play us and your world is rocked
acht... sechs... vier... zwei!
ask your girlfriend, she'll tell you why
go f**king!"

Former vice president Dick Cheney was a proud graduate of Intercourse University. As president of the senate, he would frequently greet senators with the phrase, "Intercourse U!"

So...no more f**king??

We're gonna need a lot more batteries.

Thanks, pad!! I'll even leave my Bears jersey at home just for you. ;-)

Key quote:

The village's name is believed to come from a sixth century noble called Lord Focko, with 'ing' being old German for 'family of'.

Suuuuuuure it does!

The actual scenario:

(Sixth century)

First person: "Where the hell are we?"
Second person: "Who the F&$% knows?"
First person: "Aha!"

I've heard it's really not a very nice place to live. It's been described as a F**king Hell.

like a camera ever stopped anyone from taking dirty pictures. what they need is an icy cold shower that can be turned on at just the right moment. and then take the picture.

I knew a guy that went to Norfolk (VA) High School. He said one of their cheers was:
We don't drink! Nor smoke! Nor cuss! Norfolk! Norfolk!

the slogan "f**cking: blink and you'll miss it" resonated with many females...

F**king residents would be called F**kers?

Reminds me of the Fukawe pygmie tribe in deepest darkest Africa. Late at night in the jungle you can hear the shout they use to navigate in the dark.

"We're the Fukawe!"

CG, I like your thinking!

You just have to celebrate the first of the "Big Autumn Tit Flocks":


For those who prefer a little softer porn, Tittmoning, Austria is just four miles away.

Padraig--When I moved to Wisconsin, the residents just called the tourists "flatlanders". Since I came from the Appalachians, it amused me to find that they considered their local A-cups to be "hills" and "mountains"...

We still do, Allen. Yeah, our hills are wimpy, but have you ever been to Illinois? Flatlanders are so unfamiliar with inclined surfaces they can't get up an escalator without a safety rope and pitons.

Okay. Has everybody got that f**king word out of their systems now?

Oh Cindy, you are a nurse, stop acting coitus coy.

F**K NO, cindy ;-)

So, when Austrian politicians step out on their wives, do they claim to be "hiking near Salzburg"?

Sharkie and Siouxie go stand in the corner. Sharkie quit grabbing Siouxie there and Siouxie put the machete away.

Siouxie, cindy didn't mean you should put the machete away IN Sharkie.

We don't drink,
We don't smoke,
Norfolk, Norfolk

College cheer from Norfolk State University, VA.

From Phuket to F**king

That must be where all those snakes on that plane were from.

When I lived in Michigan, I always wanted to go to Hell. Then come back. Never made it.

If you don't want to go to Hell, Michigan, there's always Hell, Norway. It really depends on your idea of fun.

As for the town...You remember the old SALEM commericial? Nuts... It doesn't work here....

I don't get it. None of us would be here if it weren't for f**king. How can that be a good thing?

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