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July 26, 2009


"He felt like he had to go and touch the Intrepid, so instead of paying for admission and going on board, he decided to jump in the water."

(Thanks to Carl Youngdahl)


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He knew he couldn't be three sheets to the wind on a diesel powered craft.

How many New Yorkers would go swimming in the Hudson River on purpose? Just curious.

What a maroon.

cindy, he probably thought the alcohol would keep him pickled safe.

The U.S.S. Inebriated?

Actually, cindy, after writing what I wrote above I saw on the news that there was a triathlon today in Manhattan that included a swim in the Hudson.

I hope all participants got their shots.

I thought the Intrepid was manned entirely by Vulcans.

They need to ship him off to the funny farm, sounds like.

Arrrrrggggh, maties!

The fiesty wench with the fire in her eyes . . .

Strip her, and bring her to me!

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