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July 27, 2009


Blogging from me will be sporadic for the next few weeks because I'm in Idaho, trying to finish a book and interacting with nature. Although I'm hoping there won't be too much interaction. The local paper, The Idaho Mountain Express and Guide, has a story this week headlined Highway collision kills moose, concerning a local motorist who hit an unfortunate moose on Highway 75, a major road here that, tragically, lacks a moose lane. There's also a letter to the editor from a resident who is extremely irate about sheep poop on the bike trail. "Before I sat down to write this letter," he states, "I had to make sure my shorts didn't have bits of sheep poop on them."

So it's not necessarily a natural paradise here in Idaho. We have our problems in Miami -- live sharks on the People Mover, for example -- but we don't have to worry about moose on our roads, and only after certain major South Beach social events do we have to check our shorts for sheep poop.

Anyway, I'll be popping up on the blog from time to time with updates as warranted. Meanwhile, stay cool out there.


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On the ground like a wild potato..

Here I was all worried about Dave and he's out communing with nature in Idaho. Good luck on the book and don't forget us bloggers.

Say HI to Ridley, Dave!!!

You could bring some moose back with you and set them loose in the Everglades. What could go wrong?

Thanks, I will ...!

Dave: Can I write off a vacation to Idaho?

Tax accountant: Just say you are writing a book.

Dave: Excuse me, I have to make a blog entry...

why were you worried about Dave, cindy?

enough blogging about moose and squirrel!
what about us?

Judi, he didn't post much yesterday and is usually up bright and early on weekday mornings posting. He hadn't said anything about being away. btw, does this mean I should look for some more educational kilt pictures???

Dave, NOW would be the time to use that moose in heat urine that I gave you. No, really, it will give you PLENTY of fodder for future books.

(nursecindy - NOW you can worry about him)


YOU da Ho!

Since when does Dave write books?

What are these South Beach social events about which Dave writes?

Ha, that's funny you mention sheep poop -- or any animal's poop for that matter. I was just reading the other day about how cow dung and cow belches (burps) emit a great deal of CO2 (the most out of any animal), and how this is awful for our ozone layer. I guess animal gas/poop is not only stinky, they work together to trap heat. Yikes.

Well, good luck with your book, Dave and good luck trying to keep judi from posting pictures of naked men.

my sister shot a moose once...

Was the moose driving too slow in the passing lane?

Queenie, did she shoot the moose in her pajamas?

Dave writes books???

Why would the moose be in queensbee's sister's pajamas?

Meese don't wear pajamas.

yeah, it's llamas what wear pajamas.

I shot a møøse in my pajamas once. How it got in my pajamas, I'll never know...

A moose is asleep.
He is dreaming of moose drinks.

A goose is asleep.
He is dreaming of goose drinks.

Moose juice, not goose juice, is juice for a moose.

And goose juice, not moose juice, is juice for a goose.

Now, everything's fine when a moose dreams of moose juice.

And nothing goes wrong when a goose dreams of goose juice . . .

But when moose dreams a mouthful of juices of goose's,

and goose dreams a mouthful of juices of moose's,

they both fall out of their beds screaming screams.

So, I'm warning you now . . .

Never Drink in Your Dreams!

(Dr. Seuess was a friggin' genius!)

We apøløgize før the fault in the pøsts. All the peøple respoøsible før firing Judi have been fired.

I thought it was Bananas in Pajamas.

On the other hand, if a moose or mø&oshlash;se is in pajamas, is it dressed?

(takes out extra h from møøse)

*raps blog with heel of hand*

Huh. Still not fixed.....

Thanks for the beer, Dave.
*clinks glass*

queensbee - did she give the moose a muffin?

(obs - I'm with you on the bananas. *scoots back as they come down the stairs in pairs. or is that pears?*)

Ågåin, wë åpøløgizë før thë fåults in the prëviøus pøsts. Åll thë përsøns rëspønsiblë før firing thë përsøns rëspønsiblë før firing Judi håvë bëën firëd.

My mother shot a moose. She lives in Idaho so that seems perfectly reasonable explanation.

Now, what's all this chatter about Dave writing a book?

*Inserts errant a into above post.*

If you don't like the sheep poop on the roads in Blaine Co. move back to California!

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