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July 31, 2009


(Thanks to Loudmouth, who requests "equal time")


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Umm... yay!

I have nothing against bikinis that dissolve in water, so to speak. Just not clear on the foolproof plan concept.

So if your ex boyfriend or ex husband suddenly gives you a new bikini you should only wear it in a hot tub with your new boyfriend or husband? Exactly how is this getting them back?

Why wouldn't you use this with your current girlfriend or wife???? A definite occasion to see what develops....

Imagine the outrage if this were a mens product.


For revenge purposes, a dissolving raincoat or umbrella would be more useful.

Better suited as a V-day gift, but not as much as a chocolate chastity belt.

NICE idea, boo! Hit the market with that sucker!

Actually, if you had serious issues, the man would wait for the look of concern to cross his lady's face. Then, he'd ask in a startled voice, "Is that a shark?"
At least that's what I'd do.

It's made out of campaign promises.

And if you're reading the Sun, don't skip Page 3!

Revenge?? I just use the machete. WTF?

This is an invention by a typical guy who did not think his plan through beyond the point of "and then she'd be naked!!"

Siouxie, I believe you use the machete at most social occasions. NTTAWWT.

Why would we think a plan through any farther than THAT, M-ville? *S*

I think they're swimming in these at the current Wold Swimming Championships in Rome.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

Si, señor ;-P

For revenge purposes, a dissolving raincoat or umbrella would be more useful.

Or a dissolving condom.

Step 2. Dissolve some scotch in a little water and...voila!

"Well, you see officer, I wasn't really dancing naked in the fountain. My ex-girlfriend gave me this swimsuit and the thing just disappeared on me!"

I've always found tequila to be an effective panty-remover.

Ah yes, fabric-free entertainment.

she wore an itsy bitsy ,teeny weeny...oops! never mind

she wore an itsy bitsy ,teeny weeny

@insomniac... I'm pretty sure that wasn't her weeny.

Sharkie, you've already used that excuse twice this week. You might want to think up another one.

what, no video!?

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