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July 31, 2009


....in 9 years.

(Thanks to Al Ortiz)


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Reminds me of the time my brother-in-law went to a Friday night service with a friend. He noticed the deacons bringing in coolers and asked his friend if it wasn't a strange time for a picnic?
"Nah! Them's the snakes." was the reply.

Who needs experience when you're clean and articulate and a media rock star ?

Wonders if I should mention I sent this in on Tuesday. Of course I didn't have the video with what I sent in.

Granted, they only showed snippets of the chase video, but it looked like the kid drove pretty well! Better than my 15-year-old daughter, anyway...

I have to say I was rootin' for the little baby and not the church.

Wonders if I should mention I sent this in on Tuesday. Of course I didn't have the video with what I sent in.

Posted by: nursecindy | July 31, 2009 at 02:10 PM

Now, as you would tell me, no whining cindy.

Anyway, I believe Dave did blog it but judi doesn't get fired because the video is new.

Nope, my bad, cindy, it wasn't blogged even though I sent it in too.

*SMACKS* Jeff AND cindy!!

This is a no-whine zone.

"His speed was slow, but erratically"

Is our officers learning?

We weren't whining Siouxie. Just stating fact. Oh yeah, OUCH!

Apparently, a Florida police union card needs to be issued, also...

I love when the crumb cruncher stops the car, and the police officer gets out and chases AFTER THE KID! How 'bout next time, Officer, you check the car to make sure IT'S STILL NOT IN GEAR!!!

*snicker!* Reminds me of when Moe used to get both Larry and Curly with a single *SMACK!*

Not to whine myself Cindy and Jeff but I sent this in with the video as well!


I sent it in TWICE yesterday. The text-only article at 8:31 AM and the video link at 8:42 AM. But you won't find me even vaguely alluding to that.

Son, you might think church is hot, but that won't compare to where you're going if you don't get yer keister to church!

*SMACKS* Dan & Horace! (thought you'd get away, eh??)

Whatever happened to pretending you were too sick to go to church??

Horace time stamps his submissions for just these occasions. (smiley icon)

Wait a minute. Did Allen call me a stooge??? *SMACKS* Allen.

Must have been trying to avoid Our Lady of Interminable Boredom.

Just how bad is the preacher there, anyway?

Seven year-olds on the lam, just to avoid the sermon.

I thought I'd tried everything to get out of church as a kid; just driving away never crossed my mind. Kudos.

I'm trying to figure out if this would be a venial or a mortal sin. Since he's only 7 I would think it was a venial sin. However, grand theft auto is pretty bad...... Goes to call Priest before head explodes.

"gone from 60 sermons"?

Cindy--Did not! But I love the Stooges anyway...

Yes, kudos to Kid Earnhardt for a novel way of avoiding church. However, at the house my dad/mom/grandmother (pick any) would have said, and I quote, "Son, your behind is going to be so sore you won't be ABLE to drive for 9 years, and as soon as you get your license you're grounded!"

I willing to bet he got more smacks than Siouxie is handing out today.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

I've never understood the appeal of the Three Stooges. It must be a guy thing.

I purposely didn't send it in, because I knew everybody else would.

*smacks everybody else*

However, I did send in this!


*snork* @ CJ! Does it need batteries?? LOL

CJ that's hilarious. Shake Weight? Looks like she's practicing for something else if you ask me.

Annnnd, since judi is drunk, here's this!

*ducks again*

Is Dave still dangling his bits under that bridge, waiting for the billy goat to bite?

LMAO I love it, CJ!! Too funny!

Horace I was wondering the same thing. I didn't want to say I was worried because a certain blogger at Division(IYKWIM and ITYD) told me the other day my remark about worrying about Dave was dumb and I shouldn't have said it. btw, CJ both of those are great videos. It's good to see Siouxie is back from 'Mafia Wars' also.

Hey, cindy! I'm sorta kinda here. I'm still playing though ;-)

So, if you are seven years old you can't be charged with a crime?

I need to borrow that kid.

Flash forward to this kid's wedding day.....

1) he didn't hit anything
2) he got away with it (at least legally)
c) promising Nascar career, Joey Lagano is barely older than him.
*) Promising career in F&F 73 boosting Vin Diesel's hot wheelchair.


I think it was nice of you to worry about Dave, not dumb.

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