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July 27, 2009


...to this lucky woman.


(Thanks to Horace)


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"I meant to do that" might prevent officers from checking blood alcohol levels.

I see the tug boat is pushing her to safety.

Investigations were continuing but alcohol was thought to be involved, he said.

Ya think?

Hold my beer and watch this, mate!

"I've seen some stupid things from time to time but that's definitely up there with the rest of them."

Yep, definitely Florida material.

they're gonna need a bigger tug.

she should hurry out and buy a lottery ticket.

Wow, talk about taking a giant piss in someone's pool.

A length of timber also pierced the windscreen, proving this did not happen in the United States.

Cash for Clunkers to the rescue !

There was a real tragedy, however: the shed was brand new and did not survive.


"It's quite incredible really. I've seen some stupid things from time to time but that's definitely up there with the rest of them."

I've heard it said that God watches over fools and children. I'm assuming she wasn't a child.

Cindy, I've always heard that it's fools and drunks who are looked after. She seems to qualify on both counts, though 20 yo seems to put her close to childhood as well...

*wonders who God picked to decide who the fools are*

Like it, crossgirl!

How old is this news?

Where in the world (apart from Antarctica) is there an "iced-over swimming pool" in July?

New Zealand. It's not far from Antarctica, relatively speaking.

It's winter down there. Contestant for Wipe Out.

"The woman received minor injuries." and a 9.5 from the judges

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