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June 26, 2009


Couple accused of assault using Cheetos

(Thanks to Lindsay)


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Assault with Cheetos™? I always thought that that was foreplay.

The participants were treated for rashes caused by orange dust.

Neighbor claimed the guy had a real chip on his shoulder.

There is only so much you can do with guns and knives.

Alcohol or drugs may have been involved. Just sayin'...

I wonder if they were the "crunchy" Cheetos. Those bastards hurt!

They must have been fighting over the marijuana bag earlier in the day.

But Dave, like Cheez-Its, Cheetos belong in the "orange" food group! They're miscellaneous food chemical plants' nature's perfect foods!

This happened in my hometown. I am oh so proud :)

Cartman? Is that you?...

Was the Frito-Lay hooker involved in this?

How much damage can you do with Cheetos™?

Pity the poor Cheetos. Cheetos never win.

Bet the AC ducts are all clogged now.

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