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June 02, 2009


Owner Finds Alligator In Restaurant Bathroom

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I was so expecting that to have a New York dateline....

He grabbed a 4-foot gator by the tail? He's either REALLY strong or REALLY stupid. Possibly both. Darwin would laugh his @ss off.

This is one brave guy. He grabbed it by the tail and dragged it out!!??? This wasn't our Sharkie by any chance was it?

"Clark's Fish Camp is famous for exotic foods like alligator tail"

Obviously the Alligator in question was looking for some tail.

From the Florida Health Department: Employees must wash hands after removing reptiles

Darn low-flow toilets.

I hate waiting for them reptile things to use the restroom.

Diva, our gators are usually in the sewers.

He then set it free in Julington Creek.

Another place not to visit on the next trip south.

Are your alligator steaks fresh?

I saw a bar owner throw a biker gang out of his place one night, so this doesn't surprise me.

A four-foot gator is a baby; about half that is tail. At that size, getting whipped by the tail is more of a risk than being bitten. Also, a baby gator will usually try to run forward when you pull its tail, rather than turn to bite. The owner obviously has done this before.

Tourist Advisory -- When visiting Florida, know how to deal with:

A) Alligators
B) Miami - Dade Attorneys

This is a great place to stop for food and a cold beer. Believe it or not, we water-ski around there and the cypress knees at the edges are more dangerous than the gators.

Gator BaitSee?

Oops! didn't mean to embed that! How the heck did I do that?

If you figure it out CJ, can you tell the rest of us?

Diva, in NY it would have been part of an alligator, probably in a box.

What small gators lack in size they make up for in speed. Hasn't anyone seen the Cops show in Miami where an officer grabs an alligator that size by the tail, then quickly rethinks his clever plan?

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